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Discussion in 'RMR' started by exMMM, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Probably one for ninja stoker here as he is the fountain of all knowledge!
    I'm ex bootneck of 8 years and left last may and joining RMR very shortly. I am currently working on the maritime circuit and will be away for weeks possibly months at a time. The AFCO have said this is ok and I can attend when I can. But what I really want to know is, when I am off for let's say 3 weeks, can I go down to the unit on a daily basis or can I only attend when there are set training weekends/evenings? I have heard dits about lads cracking RMR full time, I don't mean as a mobilised rank but just going down their local branch! Is this a wildly spun dit or is there any truth to it?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Doubtless there will be more qualified advice from those currently in the RMR, but to give a rough idea, based on my local unit:

    The good news is the RMR are keen to recruit and trained ranks with a break in service under 5 years are viewed as a priority for entry, for obvious reasons.

    The issue with regard ad hoc employment is a local issue, unique to your unit and depends largely on how many "training days" the unit has to offer for short term employment. (ie: How much money is in the kitty). There are regular 'permanent staff' employed full time at the main units, although not all detachments, as a rule. So, temporary employment depends on what they need doing, whether they can pay you and sometimes what you have to offer with regards SQ/TQ. It's certainly a possibility and certainly my unit is using training days for recruiting activities, but they tend to be sporadic, odd days. Basically, it's not one to bank on, but it's possible. Give your nearest unit a call and they should be able to let you know whether this is viable.

    The thing to bear in mind with the RMR is they're only going to pay you when there's work to be done - it's quite different to the regular service where you're paid 24/7 and thinned-out if nothing's doing.

    With regard attendance and pay at a unit, you'll be aware, there are minimum commitments to meet the annual bounty. You receive one days pay for each day you attend in addition to Training.

    A day is a minimum of eight hours in any twenty four-hour period commencing at midnight (Man Training Day - MTD).
    If less than eight hours is worked then a proportion is paid.
    A Drill Night consists of 2 hours training for which you receive a quarter day's pay.
    A Training Weekend (WE), which normally commences on a Friday at 2000hrs and ends on Sunday afternoon, would see you paid two and a half days pay.

    The bounty is a tax-free lump sum paid annually to men who have fulfilled the requirements for bounty, which are:

    Attend 12 Days Non Continuous Training (NCT) (Can consist of Drill Nights or WE)
    Carry out 14 days Continuous Training (CT)
    Pass the Basic Fitness Test and Annual Personal Weapons Test
    Be recommended by the Commanding Officer for payment of Bounty

    One cautionary tale, I am aware that some units have discharged trained ranks in recent years for virtually zero attendance - some lads working overseas in CP and Maritime work have fallen foul, so although many in the RMR undertake this work, it's wise to keep your unit in the loop and be contactable when away - email, etc.
  3. Many thanks for the info ninja! I'm heading down my local unit Monday so I will see what they say about it.
    On another note (don't want to start another thread) I have a civi mate who wants to join RMR and is down for an open evening in a few weeks. He was in army recruit training (para, we all make mistakes) and was unfortunately discharged due to the old shin splints (beefer). The AFCO rang him the other day to basically say don't get your hopes up as he was medically discharged. He was told when he was discharged that he could apply again in 18 months ( over 2 years ago now). He was operated on before he left and it seems to have squared him away as he has been smashing his phys and has so far had no dramas with his shins.
    Will he be able to crack on regardless of his previous discharge?

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  4. Looking at your user name, PM ALLSEEINGEYE he should be able to give you a heads up!
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Shin splints.............. ******* beefer, I only got diagnosed with them after I'd done my Commando tests.
  6. In terms of your original question regarding full time RMR work, I'd assume that it's run along similarish lines to the TA, in which case, there are always gash jobs to be done.

    My previous unit had a permanent 'dole patrol' consisting of any lads with time on their hands. They'd rock up and do a standard 8-4 day, shifting stores, cleaning vehicles/weapons, painting and decorating the premises, basically helping wherever there was something to be done.

    As a result, the gaff always looked outstanding, the lads had a bit of cash and the PSIs were happy because they had a bit of help.

    To be fair this was a big unit with a lot of activity going on, so they were never short of tasks, but you'd assume the principle could work anywhere.
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  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Aye, seen that, shame if it's coming to an end.
  8. At the height of the recession it did get a bit silly with 40 odd unemployed bankers rocking up every morning. They did start rationing MTDs after that.
  9. Cheers for the info. I suppose I need to ask my unit when I head down there next week.

    With regards to shin splint, beefers injury!

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  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    With regard the earlier query regarding your failed Para oppo who was medically discharged with the condition and underwent surgery, to be honest the Corps are "risk averse" to taking-on those with a history of significant lower limb injury, particularly if it involved surgery and a medical discharge.

    Whilst the Army may well take him back, being the bigger organisation they are more likely to take him back on risk - the RN/RM will be quite twitchy. It's the same with ACL reconstruction - an outright 'no-go' for RM but the Army view it differently depending on the level of surgery required.

    Hopefully he'll be OK, but I'd advise caution with regard raising false hopes just yet.
  11. exMMM, I have already told you personally that the RMR is currently not for you......think about it. I can tell everyone on here that Maritime Security Operators are not good Reservists because I have had to deal with them on both sides of the fence. They do not meet the commitment and I have recently discouraged several Marsec Wallah's from venturing into the RMR. Most leave the Corps having had a superb career and having achieved something they will be proud of for the rest of their days....why would anyone dabble in the RMR as an under-achieving poor attender? Many of those serving at RMR Units joined the RMR before they got involved in maritime security and all of them struggle because their job takes them away for long periods without any fixed routine to their life as a result they are unreliable.

    exMMM, I know you personally and I don't get what you think you will bring to the team and in fact your question comes across as if you think it's easy money between transiting......Join mate and I will be interested to see how keen you are to be mobilised back to exactly what you've just walked away from at 45 only a few months ago. I have no influence over this nor am I inclined to get involved any further than this but I personally would decline your application as currently unsuitable.

    Whilst I'm ranting just for the sake of Ninja Stoker who has made an effort to explain the detail....exMMM is a former reservist who joined the Corps on an FTRS contract, he has friends in the RMR and understands the workings of it all too well. I tell you just in case there are any other well meaning posters that might be inclined to waste any more time on this.

    ' shot........ rounds complete.....out'
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  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Insight appreciated.

    To be honest, I sometimes know a little more about the enquirer than is cracked-on, but usually give the individual the benefit of the doubt with a subtle hint to gently steer them in the right direction (last para, post two), to lessen the risk of a public lynching. 8)
  13. Roger NS,

    I did pick up on that, if there are any suitable RMR candidates I will be steering them in the right direction.

    PMPT ........back to my ice cold Magners.
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  14. You have the wrong bloke mate! I have never been RMR and have never been MMM at 45!
    My question probably did come across as 'easy money' when I can attend, however I am very serious about RMR as I would like to re join the corp full time in the near future. I left for personal reasons and felt it was right for me at the time to try something else for a bit. I was always fully committed to the job and will be again. I think lads who leave to work in the security world all get tarnished with the same 'wrap hand', easy money brush, when really there are plenty of lads who like you said have left having achieved something to be proud of and enjoyed it.
    Weather RMR before I rejoin works out, I will just have to wait and see.

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