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Good Morning Gents,

I was just wanting to enquire about joining the RMR at University, whilst I realise that this is possible , I have a couple of constraining factors beyond the usual fitness and mental aptitude ( which i realise the importance of first and foremost) which may affect my application, and I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light on this.

Firstly, I'm currently in my second year of arabic and am studying abroad in the Middle east this academic year but will be returning for two years of study in the UK after.

Also, for my sins I am an army bursar and have therefore passed RCB and have to complete a form of reserve service for my time at university before beginning my regular officer training at Sandhurst. I did my first year with the UOTC and have been offered the chance to commission with them on my return, but having spent a year there I'm not so sure whether or not this is my cup of tea or not, and having an RMR unit so close and a couple of mates who are there I think I would love to give it a shot.

Therefore my questions are:

Do I have enough time left to serve or would I be wasting the time of the RMR unit by not offering enough of a return of service?

Would it be possible to use the RMR as my reserves service whilst at Uni? I realise this is an army problem but perhaps someone else has been in a similar situation.

I will email the RMR unit but thought I would maybe check on here first in case anyone else has done something similar.

Anyway sorry for the long winded nature of the post but any help would be greatly appreciated.



Lantern Swinger
Jack, you will need to speak to whoever is administering your bursary at Sandbags. As its RMR and therefore very green, you might just be able to swing it. Again, I stress that you should just contact the army first, get the go ahead, and then join RMR if you are allowed to. Have you considered the TA? 4 para could prove an interesting and challenging final two years of your uni career. Its nationally recruited as well, so there will probably be one within striking distance of where you are at uni.
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