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RMR walst at uni

Hey guys, just a quick one. I'm planing on starting uni next year after i come home from Op Herrick (with TA infantry, no jokes unless you too have been on ops) and was wondering if it would be worth while going over to RMR. I'm plaining on going reg when iv finished tax dodging. Part of me thinks it would be a good idea and something a bit different. But then again i could stick with my current cap badge and not have to go through recruit training again and just do some gucci causes.

Is it worth the switch?


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Ooh, I just had a very similar question asked on another forum:

The problem with the RMR & Uni is that it is extremely demanding both physically & of your time. The attrition rate is extremely high, scarily high, as it is VERY difficult to maintain the tempo & standard of fitness required for such a long period of time- over 12 months to achieve operational performance standard. The standards are absolute as RMR are directly interchangeable with regular RM's serving operationally.

There are those that would say earning your Green Beret in the RMR is mentally more difficult than joining the regulars where you are paid specifically to train in the "company's time" as that is your only job. There are many (in fact the majority) that find trying to juggle Uni is not easy given the level of commitment expected/demanded of a Royal Marine.

Many people join the RMR as they cannot afford the cut in wages that they would incur if they left their civilian job & went "full time", but wish to be part of the elite. The problem is that it's a question of Corps ethos - nobody said it was easy, in fact I'd go so far as to state: "It's extremely difficult". The majority of people simply cannot afford to, either financially or physically commit enough to qualify.

If qualified educationally, you may apply for a Corps Commission from within the RMR up to the age of 30, unlike the regular RM (26).


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Hi Tom

I went through R.T with the RMR in the early 1990's and totally agree with ninja regarding the demands that the course has on its recruits, even more so than when i did mine. The best thing i can suggest is to speak to someone at AFCO (or ninja) and see what commitment levels you are willing to give at this time. When i was in training there were a number of students who went through with me successfully. Having said that in this current climate the Corps might need your services as soon as you finish your training.

Juggling time spent with the civvi side and the military side is something iv tried to learn the hard way, being a TA solder through my A levels cost me my chances of getting good exam results, i was much happier out in the cudds than in the classroom so my education suffered.

That said if i wasn't out soldering i would be out doing something else. Also my eventual plan of getting a commission would mean that i would have to spend a large amount of my time doing phizz anyway.


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If you join the RMR, you cannot be deployed anyway until you have got your green beret - that'll take about a year.


once you have got your green beret, do you not have to specialise also? before deployment? or have i got the wrong end of the stick there?


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There is no need to specialise immeadiately.
In fact it's probably better for you to do a year or 2 as a General Duties Marine, once you've got your Green Lid so that you can really get to grips with being a roughy toughy bootneck.
That being said the Corps requirements come first, within reason (He said laughing), so you may be 'asked' if you'd like to do a course, my bet Heavy Weapons ("Cor, them Mortars weigh a ton".) or Signals (Dit dah dit dah, see Wet Blobby for more details).NZB


I've got the same ambition; go to uni and join the RMR hoping to gain the green lid asap whilst at uni (hopefully in the first year) with the intention of starting YO training in Sept 2012. My query is whether I would be asked to go on operations whilst still at uni as obviously this could throw a spanner in the works of all my plans.



I am also wondering this, but as I probably wont finish training until 3 months before the end of Uni, it shouldn't be a problem, but it will be a question i will be asking, come my breifing night.


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Again, check out the earlier posts on this thread - trying to get a Green beret & a degree simultaneously is far from easy. Once qualified in the RMR, you MAY be mobilised although most manpower requirements have been met by volunteers. Don't think it won't happen though.

Ideally you need to establish what is your priority, otherwise you can very easily flunk both. If you want to become an regular RM Officer in a frontline role, then your best bet is to join directly as an officer AFTER you graduate, otherwise you are more likely to be employed in a second line/support role if you gain your green beret, then apply for a commission or transfer to the regulars. If you join the regulars under the age of 26 as a YO, expect to do the lot again if you want to work front-line.

Consider the URNU, (or better still the OTC to gain fieldcraft skills) whilst at Uni, as it's easier to maintain the correct balance with regard commitment & a successful level of graduation without any fear of being mobilised before you graduate.


wuld you say it was unrealistic? to be able to be apart of the RMR and complete a degree? or will it just be hard, but possible if determined? to be successful in both.


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If called up while undertaking a full-time higher education course you have very good grounds for exemption from that mobilisation.

My suggestion would be to begin your university studies and then see how much spare time you have, obviously the intensity of different courses varies a lot. Then consider if you have time.

I will PM you on this


What would be the situation,
if i got my Green beret throught the RMR but wanted to carry on to be an officer in the RM?

Just surveying my options.
Artful said:
wuld you say it was unrealistic? to be able to be apart of the RMR and complete a degree? or will it just be hard, but possible if determined? to be successful in both.

I did RMR RT during my first year of uni which I found was ideal as the workload wasn't as heavy it is this year. If your going to do RMR whilst at uni then your best bet is to get it cracked in your first year so you can focus on your studies in later years when it matters most.
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