rmr upper age limit... does previous service include training?


Hi all,
just a quick question (sorry if this has been brought up in another thread)( I did try a search & didnt find exactly what i needed)

Here we go.. basically i am seriously thinking about joining the RMR (again).. the problem is that i have just turned 33.
I have read that your 33rd birthday is the last day you can apply unless you have previous experience. which i sort of have but not sure if it counts. Basically i was in training with the RMR 3 years ago & had to drop out for my own personal & family reasons. i also had a stint in the regs a long time ago but also never passed out... Does this count as previous? or not? i just feel like i want one last attempt at this because i know if i dont i will regret it for the rest of my life.. or should i just face the fact that im too old?

Thanks for any advice in advance..


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In short: No, but...

Trained ranks over age 32 can join subject to approval by the RMR Career Manager, providing they are eligible and recommended in all other respects and can complete their minimum contract before age 55.

Untrained ranks over age 32 with no qualified (any trained rank) experience can exceptionally be recommended for an age waiver by the respective unit Commanding Officer after attending their local RMR unit, for consideration before submitting an application for an age waiver to the RMR Career Manager. In the case of those with former service as a recruit, their previous history will be scrutinised.

In order to manage realistic expectations, those with former unsuccessful experience as a recruit are statistically significantly less likely to complete Recruit Training over age 32 & whilst there are always exceptions to the contrary, the odds are at best, slim - this may well affect the selection decision.

Best of luck.
I would suggest the best thing to do is ring up your local unit and find out directly form them whether it's worth you trying. They have to fill out a form on every potential entrant saying if they want them, so even though what NS has told you is correct the final decision would really come down to the CO at your local unit.

Best of luck



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Yep, as SM says, for RMR the individual has to effectively "run the gauntlet" thrice - the RMR unit has to say they want you from the outset, the RMR Career Manager has to say "yes" with regard age & then the AFCO have to find you suitable for service, assuming you pass the Recruiting Test, Medical, PJFT, Selection Interview & Security Clearance is gained.

After that it's "just" PRMRC (selection weekend) & completing RMR Recruit Training.
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