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Discussion in 'RMR' started by CareerRecruit, May 14, 2007.

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  1. just wondering if there is any one here from RmR Tyne
  2. 1970s

    Any one from rmr Tyne from 1970s, when based at win grove house. Would be very pleased to hear from anyoneJohn ohara
  3. Ref last post, dates should have been between 1966 to around 1973 assuming my memory remains reasonably intact. Have names of those I served with and would like to re-gain contactSgt tommy robinson (Robertson) ?Mick scotKenny Pearson cplDave RobertsRalph master anArthur bowman (arty ) Alec thoms and his brother Malcom capt jack ashmanm. Etc etc John OHara
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  4. Never mind this post, who put the dogsh*t poll on here? What is all that about? Who cares?

    The RMR has to constantly strive to meet the standard required by the Corps and it struggles to do this at times simply because of the Corps understated excellence, it's the maturity of the RM that has allowed the RMR to integrate in a way that all other services cannot contemplate and they are massively envious. It's because of this integration that the RMR is held in such high esteme in the Reserve community. This poll is nonesense, irrelevent and devisive, only failed regular nods who have passed out in the RMR can really answer this and that say's it all!

    Forget the poll, RM Commando training is not for the faint hearted whether it's done at CTC as a regular or over week-ends as a reservist with a Ph1 and Ph2 course at CTC.....it's just extremely hard!
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  5. Why does the Corps not FTRS all RMR ranks? Surely going by the above poll RMR ranks will be well above the calibre of anyone who has "bimbled" through CTCRM on the long course, or maybe close (re-open for RMR courses obviously) CTC down and invest the cash saved into RMR training and load the Nods onto RMR courses. Just imagine the "super Corps" that it would create, Sounds like a plan to me.^_~
  6. No dissent there & your ire is understood; but please note that only five trigger-happy RR contributors, from 14-05-07 to date, have attempted that Poll so just relax a little, eh?
  7. Roger BOOTWU, excuse my poor drills......must stop responding to posts when had a few goblets of the crusted. PMPT
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