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Discussion in 'RMR' started by ipitythafool, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. I m wanting to join the Newcastle detatchment but would like to hear from people doing it what it is like? also what level of fitness should i be at upon turning up, i asked this question on yahoo answers and was told to do the following by a regular marine: -

    80 situps
    60-70 press ups
    6 pull ups
    13 on the bleep test
    less than 9:30 on the 2nd 1.5 mile run back 3 miles in total.

    Is this close to the mark? I m well up for the challenge of becoming a marine does anyone have anything to say about what to expect or any other info you feel is pertinent would be really apprechiated.

    Thanks for answering.
  2. Good Morning and Welcome!

    No doubt our RM guys will be along later to add to your question on this thread, but, in the meantime, you might also be interested in this new forum, part of the official RN website but run by one of our own:

  3. Hello Iptf and welcome to RR.
    If you can do the phys you've listed you'll be more than ok.
    Don't despair if you can't as each Detachment has a Holding Troop that you will go into until the Det has enough men to begin a new Intake.
    Whilst in the Holding Troop you'll do lots of Physical to get you used to what's expected and perhaps some basic classes on what the Corps is all about. (Although you'll be expected to know some of this anyhow).
    Take a trip to your local AFCO for more information and a chat with a Recruiter as you have to go through the same Recruitment process as someone wanting to join the Regulars or turn up on one of the Dets Training nights, they'll be glad to see you.
    Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the kind reply NZ Bootneck, yes i m going to get on that phys soon, shouldn't take me more than a month or two to get upto that standard, i hear there is a real brotherhood thing in the marines that no other armed force has, is this the case?
  5. It's very true to say there is a camaraderie amongst Royal Marines who have earned the right to wear the Green Beret that you'll find hard to beat.
    It won't stop your bestest oppo (Mate) ripping shoite out of you, mostly in a pish taking session, if you cock something up, but you know that you've got people you can rely on to back you up in any situation.
  6. Could you paint a picture for me what to expect when i start training, any advise as what kind of attitude is best to bring to training and how long will it take me to get through the training, anyother advise would be a big help.
  7. 1) Hard work, pain and eventually a growing sense of pride and accomplishment.
    2) Attitude. Show a willingness to 'dig out', which means to give 100% and then keep trying for that bit more.
    The bluffers are soon weeded out during the Holding Troop phase, RM Psychical Training Instructors are very good 'motivators'.
    You'll be expected to listen in, absorb the message and then carry out training, both physical and from the curriculum that you need to learn for the job training, in your own time after your Civilian work/studies etc.
    Being in the Reserves requires, in some ways, a lot more commitment than the Regulars.
    When your mates give you a bell asking you to come down to the pub or go to the Football match you may have to say "No thanks I've got to do some phys or get my kit ready.".
    Probs also arise with Girlfriends not understanding why you have to be away for another weekend and can't take her to see a movie. (It's a chick flick so you know you'd rather be out in some field getting you and your kit wet and dirty anyhow! :lol: ). If you have a GF sit her down now and explain why you want to do this, how long it might take and that if she sticks with you (And you pass) she'll have the privilege of shagging a Royal Marine! :D
    Doing that for the whole of your Training (And of course afterwards as well, as you're expected to maintain your fitness.) may mean you loose a few mates, but you'll gain a lot more (And better ones too) if you stick it out to the end.
    3) Time required to pass out as a Trained Royal Marine.
    It will take you AT LEAST 18 months of hard graft from go to whoa ie from joining Holding Troop to being presented with your Green Beret after passing the Commando tests.
    It all depends on your ability and also a little luck ie that you don't get injured or develop a Medical condition (Shin Splints is favourites) that means you have to stop Training during your recovery.
    You'll not be considered a fully Trained Marine until you've spent some time, once passed out, in the Dets Rifle Troop throughly learning your role through attending weekend exercises and Fortnight long Camps in the summer.
  8. No mention of wearing Women's clothing, the naked bar?
  9. Damn, 18 months, i was told 10 months tops.
  10. "Time is but a fleeting barrier to the true Kung Fu Commando Warrior, young grasshopper." as a monk from Liang Shan Po once said to me. :D

    Mate, it would be practically impossible to fit the amount of Training required into a shorter time frame. You've got to remember that other guys have families, jobs and other commitments. The Corps has settled on this time frame to allow Recruits to the RMR to be able to have some time to be able to see to these other pesky bits and pieces.
    You won't be able to do any of the required Weekend or the later Training at Lympstone on your own, so you'll have to go at the pace set by the RMR.

    If time is an issue go to your local AFCO soonest to start the ball rolling and get the latest advice.
  11. I didn't want to scare him off too soon. 8O
  12. I guess an extra 8 months isn't allot when you think about it, although those photos were very disconcerting.
  13. Scare me off from what, my bottom isn't in danger is it.
  14. No, not from me. I prefer smally girls. 8O
    It's just a bit of banter, if you're really worried about it ask your AFCO for details on 3 Para Mortar Platoon's idea of after work fun and games.

    Better to Google it perhaps.
  15. Haha thats funny, i just checked on google, rentboy, i ll bet that hurt their recruitment for a while, i m not keen on the army anyways.


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