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Is it possible to complete RMR basic and commando training in blocks of weeks rather than weekends?

The TA do something called summer challenge: which is phase 1 and 2 in a 4 week block.

My day job as civi-police means that I already work 2 weekends a month.

While 1 weekend a month RMR would be achievable, 2 would result in the lady friend giving me the certain mag to grid.

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Not heard of it before, but it sounds feasible if a regular service recruit troop in training has a training place and CTC are prepared to allow a RMR Recruit to join them but whilst it sounds a good idea, it may not be so simple to achieve...

One thing that cannot be entertained is an RMR Recruit undergoing 32 weeks regular RT, earning his beret then reverting to RMR as there is a 30 month "Return of Service" to cover training costs and a Reservist can "do one" in 28 days.

Regular Service Recruit Troop intakes start roughly once a fortnight (except during the 6 weeks leave period) so you could feasible get into "sync" with a troop passing through at the right stage of training but it's whether the individual RMR unit is prepared to let you undergo bespoke training which will throw you "out of sync" with your RMR Recruit Troop - bearing in mind there are only a couple of RMR Troops each year so if you did a months worth of RT, the rest of your troop could take quite a few weekends to "catch-up" to allow you to move forward together.

Much easier for the Army as training is far, far shorter. RMR RT is about 14-18 months long on average.

Best bet? - talk to the Training Sergeant at your local unit.
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