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Discussion in 'RMR' started by mikey_boi, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys been told today I have been succesful in attaining a selection place in the Police Service with the aplication running over the same period of time as my final year in uni so I should finish uni and go straight into a job, great but I still really want (rather need) to become a Royal Marine Commando, so the best way to do this is with the RMR, Ive read the "Rmr and Police" & "Joining RMR" threads and they have answerd the questions about joining & career as a copper, so I started a programme based on a Commando fitness book and have been completing 30 mile yomps with out a pack but aint sure if im speed marching correctly is there a set timing (5min run 5 min yomp) also what sort of exercises are goinig to be beneficial to me upon starting training with the RMR, sorry about the length of this post guys just thought I better explain the whole situation
    cheers Mikey
  2. Police and RMR is exactuly what im doing :threaten:

    Look on the website, its got a new fitness thing on it, follow that and you'll be tickedy boo.
  3. I wouldn't be worrying about 30 milers yet.

    Get down to a presentation night at you local det and take it from there. They'll tell you what you need to do re AFCO, fitness, holding troop etc..
  4. Just remember guys, as a Police Officer you must obtain the permission of your Force to join the Reserves, and they can refuse your application.
  5. I was in a similar position as yourself normal everyday job or try for the corps. got offered both at the same time decided to go down the corps route, did six years reapplied to the original job and walked into it. You will always be able to join the police there is no upper age limit but you wont always be able to join the corps. Why don't you give the regulars a go? its a good life.
  6. police is a good job after you've done everything you have wanted to do in life....do it AFTER a military career.

    I was in at 18.5 till 21 and it was lame...i worked with alot of older x royals which make great ole bill but half the others were complete soft *******.
    Half had about as much life experience as i did when i was 3.

    A good job if your 25+ plus....but in my eyes mate,Military, to do all the mental stuff you cant get away with in civvy street then police.
  7. why choose when you can do both, police and RMR?
  8. Good point that Jewell-same with teaching. Its crucial that coppers and teachers should have a taste of the real world and know everyone elses concerns before embarking on that career. In education I've seen a lot of straight from uni types who just haven't got a clue-never grow up! Anyway best of luck with whatever career option you lads choose and if RMR is the way forward best of luck-the Royals are a good bunch of chaps!
  9. There both good points Regulars and then Police or Police and RMR together, the only benefit of joining Police and RMR is the police (for some bizzare reason) have a better pay scale and also the RMR helps an officer of the law (gay saying i know) progress quicker i.e. armed response, special branch etc due to the nature of the RMR's capabilitys but on the other hand is there any replacement for being in a commando unit - I dont think there is
  10. if not abit mental.... :money:

    in a good way.
  11. officer of the law...that is the lamest saying i have ever heard....

    You get paid to enforce the law and deal with lots of losers in life....and even the money is shite for the work/responsibility you have....yes its 10k more than the marines but you dont join the forces for money(in my eyes)...

    Sounds like your thinking a million miles ahead of yourself mate....your not in any force yet and your talking about special branch etc.....

    Good to have goals but be realistic,get your foot in the door,get experience then you have some idea what you want to do...

    When i was ole bill,i wanted to go to traffic as im a bike freak...But i got into the CBRN(google it) side of things which is totally different.

    Good luck with everything...but in my experience,at the stage your at,your only going to designed for one as they are totally opposite careers.
    Police didn't suit me,marines is my next test and its going to be a million times harder but with a million times more fun long lasting memories.

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