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Hello All,
I am currently a serving Green lidded bootneck with a RMR who is due to be relocating to London in March 2019. I am quite keen to look at life away from the RMR due to lack of opportuinites and feeling I am going in round in circles a bit. I do have an opportunity to commission with the corps but its likely to take years for anything to happen with it. Therefore RNR officer looks like a great alternative. However I have a couple of questions and was keen to see if someone could answer them.

1.) Training time from midshipman to passed out etc?
2.) Can you get a SQ e.g diving?
3.) How easy is it to mobilize?
4.) What do the regulars think of the RNR?
5.) What is on during the training year?
6.) Is there much International Travel on offer?

Thanks and looking forward to finding out more!

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As ever, my stuck record mode: Engage with the unit you wish to join.
I can't say how you go about changing the colour of your uniform, but I will endeavour to answer some of your questions:

1. About two years, I think. Your focus is on getting Fleetboard and Fleet time done before commencing branch training.
2. Well, if you select to go diver, yes. As you are already RMR I assume you have a DGW account already? Have a look through the branch webpages and see study the training matrix's.
3. Depends on branch. WarSea are currently in demand, but that is rating rather than officer. Your skills from RMR will be helpful; and, assuming your weapons training is in date, I can only think of two/three short courses you would need to do before becoming deployable.
4. Not for me to answer!
5. That's a very long question, and may be branch specific. However, if you want to go commissioned, and can spare the time, look at doing the Accelerated Officer Programme. This is a summer course, at BRNC (mostly) where one goes from zero to hero in eight weeks. Bit like term one for an RN officer.
6. Depends what you mean by "much". I'm not going to list it on here, but I could name a few officers, and ratings, that have stamps in their passports, shall we say.

@Ninja_Stoker may be able to help with some of this, but he has just moved to Media rather than recruiting, so may have better things to do.

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