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Discussion in 'RMR' started by bo_jangles, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys

    I have been told that the next selection weekend coming up is in Novemebr (Bristol)and i just need some reassurance that my training is going in the right direction.

    Basically i am running about 3 times a week and running between 4 and 6 miles a time. For the shorter distances i'm running 7 minute miles and for the longer distances 7.5 minute miles. Is this quick enough? I've read that i should be aiming for 6.5 minute miles.

    I am also working on my upper body strength can do around 40 press ups, 50 situps and 3 pull ups. Is this strong enough to pass the selection weekend. I know i have got a few months to go yet so by November i hope i should be able to push out a few more.

    Any good advice will be greatly reveived!
  2. Bo

    Carry on as you are mate as it sounds like your on target with this. I might tag along as its been 17 years since i did mine!! :thumright:
  3. What no eye problems or asthma/eczema, lardiness or general sloth issues?
    Good grief you may well be the poster of the month.
    Keep this up and you'll be on the path to 'Liddedness' in short order.
    I wont be along as I'm too old and sensible now to be playing soldiers anymore, Good luck to you though.
  4. sensible???? i find that hard to beleve NZbootneck
  5. Ah, my reputation preceeds me yet again!

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