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Discussion in 'RMR' started by thepercyboy, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. RMR Scotland will be running a selection course for new recruits in November.

    Here at glasgow detachment we'll be running a holding troop to prepare potential recruits for selection on tuesday evenings at 7 o'clock. Anyone interested get in touch by phone with the HQ or private message me. Contact details for HQ can be found on the royal marines website in the RMR section.

  2. Wrong....the Selection Weekend is 11/12 Oct, it is the Induction Weekend for sucessful applicants that is is Nov.

    Get training.
  3. hey guys. A week ago I gave RMR Glasgow a call to see about applying. I got through to an answering machine and left my details.

    Any idea on how long it'll take to get back to me? or should i maybe call again? thanks.
  4. In my experience of these things i would say that it would be in your interests to keep ringing and badgering them as things tend to be forgotten or misplaced. At least it will also show your keen to get on. And stop bloody using hey guys this isnt an episode of friends FFS

    Rant rant

    Good luck with it

  5. If you have not yet received a reply, PM me.
  6. dogsnaffle? what is the person in your piccy holding? It looks "interesting".
  7. An inhaler?
  8. It's the planned replacement for the UGL
  9. Answers on a postcard, closest gets a 24hr rat pack
  10. Drum magazine (320 rounds capacity) Falaffel LauncherMk1 .
    Stops insurgents dead in their tracks in the hot sandy places as they pick up the tasty chick pea vittals, giving rest of section time to give 'em the good news with aimed shots to the upper body.

    IA Drills for Falaffel Launcher
    Falaffel launcher firing right.....Falaffel Launcher stops
    Cock, Hook and look, clear underdone Falaffel or the one with extra Humus the 2 most likely causes of stoppages.
    Carry on. :dwarf:
  11. No flies on you NZB, award yourself a goffer!
  12. Kit spotter from long ago. :dwarf:
  13. Next Selection Weekend now expected May '09.

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