Discussion in 'RMR' started by oldspice, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Royal Marines Commando


    The Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) are recruiting now all over Scotland & Northern Ireland.

    *Please check R.N web site for current opportunities throughout UK - London,Bristol,Mersey and Tyne.

    With units in Glasgow, Greenock, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Belfast it couldn’t be easier to get on board!

    The next selection weekend is on 2nd to the 4th November but you can get in on the action early and take advantage of our elite coaching to ensure success by joining our holding troop today!

    FREEPHONE 0800 085 7179

    Are you capable of passing recruit training to earn the prestigious Green Beret of the Royal Marines Commandos? RMR Scotland is a Unit of fit and self motivated men who have all achieved this, and men who are training to do so.

    By joining us in initial training we will help you develop yourself physically, grow in confidence and develop skills you can take back into your workplace. As a Commando you'll learn increasingly challenging military skills as we teach you to survive in environments as diverse as the jungle and the arctic. You will develop specialist qualifications and be trained to handle and fire a variety of weapons.

    We'll also give you the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports and Adventure Training activity. On top of all of this we'll pay you too!
    We won't ask anything of you that you have not been trained to do. It's demanding but that is because it's meant to be, so ask yourself are you determined enough to undergo training and maintain your regular job?

    To join you must:
    1. Be male aged 17-30 (35 with suitable previous military experience)
    2. Have a good level of basic fitness
    3. Be able to commit to training on one evening per week, some weekends and two weeks per year.

    Glasgow (HQ), Dundee, Greenock, Edinburgh and Inverness Detachments meet on Wednesday Evenings: 1930hrs - 2130hrs.
    Belfast and Aberdeen Detachments meet on Thursday evenings: 1930hrs to 2130hrs

    You can find all about the Royal Marines Commandos and the Royal Navy on the RN web site - http://www.royal-navy.mod.uk/server/show/nav.3038
    RMR Scotland welcomes eligible applicants from all ethnic backgrounds.
  2. Wee query, as a course qualified Lance Corporal & a qualified PTI in the TA Infantry, would you have to go through all the stages in basic training, or would you be able to move into Phase 2 training directly (obviously after completing the physical standards satisfactorily)??

    Just out of interest, mind!
  3. Mate I know in the past they used to take trained soldiers and fire them right into Phase 2 (Commando Training) but Im not so sure about nowadays. I too have passed the TA CIC course (although Im not a lance jack or a PTI) and from what Ive been told, I have to start from day one with the RMR.

    A bit of a shitter, but I suppose as the RMR operates in a different way and has completely different expectations from the TA, I can underatand it.

    Its a cnut to think of starting from day one again I agree, but I genuinely believe its worth it.

    Probably the best place to get confirmation is Edinburgh AFCO 0131 310 3100.
  4. Yup More than likely you will have to go through it all. As you will still need to achieve certain standards down at CTC during the phase 1 course, before they will let you progress onto phase 2 of training.

    However just think with all your experience you should be able to help the other lads along, or not.

    And as a wee word of warning its probably best not to be going around telling people about your TA qualifications as you will only get noticed, and that's certainly not something to get noticed for, best to only divulge your previous training if directly asked.

  5. Alright Kiwi, hows things mate?

    Defo agree with the above. Work hard and help the other lads along if youve got a bit of experience (not necessarily military experience - maybe just life experience being a bit older), but keep your background quiet unless directly asked. I honestly think playing the grey man in that situation is the way ahead. :thumright:

    I remember hearing of a bloke who as an experinced TA bod, went directly to Phase 2 training (probably about 9 or so years ago) who got noticed at CTC on his Phase 2 course by an instructor. "You werent on my Phase 1 course - where the fck do you come from?" Pinged from day one!! If I remember correctly he didnt pass either and his weapon drills were fckn non existant!!
  6. Alright mate,

    spenny Send me a message and let me know how your training is getting along buddy.

  7. To all the glasgow lads out there. The Glasgow DET is running holding troop phys nights every Tuesday. Give the unit a call.

  8. PM sent mate
  9. Are you guys that used the poll going on the selection weekend for Scotland?

  10. Hi There

    I recently called and emailed the DET in Govan but havent heard anything back yet. Is there a presentation/selection weekend coming up that I maybe could wangle my way onto??

    I'm an ex-reg Matelot so go easy lads! All help is of course appreciated

  11. PM Harry Masker mate - he is a trained rank at the Glasgow unit and will advise accordingly.

  12. Thanks Spenny, sent a msg yesterday, lookin forward to gettin some more info!

  13. vinnyb67

    Did you get my PM to you?

  14. Hi Harry, gave you a bell.

    Left a msg, hopefully catch up later.

    Cheers again
  15. is the belfast det definetely up and running? heard conflicting info..is it in palace or on HMS caroline? any green lids there yet? info please
  16. yeah ive seen that thanks...is that pusser info reliable?!
  17. Yes,

    also several trained ranks, though most currently "working overseas", thriving recruit training schedule in place.
  18. Alright lads, will be attending the next selection weekend, though a little nervous. Is it exactly like a PRMC? But I believe its the 10-12th October?

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