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RMR Scotland Recruiting now


Who are you?
Are you the type of person that searches for an adrenalin rush, goes running to feel the endorphin rush or goes circuit training in search of the ultimate fitness?

Do you strive to push your mental boundaries, have drive to get up and go but nothing to tame it, or need to feel an overwhelming sense that you are achieving something few others can?

Do you want to train to physically high standards, gain the extra strength of a mental edge and get paid for doing it?

The Invitation
The Royal Marine Reserve Scotland would like to invite open minded individuals with the drive and desire to achieve, to take on one of the most gruelling physical and mental challenges and earn the Green Beret of the Royal Marines.

Play Time
Those that have accepted and earned the Green Beret of the Royal Marines have gone on to train in environments from the jungles of Brunei to the snow covered Arctic colds of northern Norway, gone from the heat blistering sands of the desert to the wild moorlands of the UK.

Depending on their trade, they have sailed from the sky with parachutes, climbed and abseiled mountains, detonated explosives which put New Year fireworks to shame and even travelled on subsidised scuba diving and other adventure training packages around the world. And all this for the price of some of the hardest training in the world.

The Commando Tests
In order to earn your Green Beret all recruits must pass the required commando test, being:

A 9 mile speed a march in 90 minutes.
An endurance run of 7 miles with a 2 mile section of tunnels (including the infamous tank trap we've all seen in adverts before movies).
A 12 mile load carry in 4 hours with a minimum of 55 lbs of kit, but often weighing in at least 85lbs.
The 30 miler where recruits cross 30 miles over Dartmoor in 8 hours.
The Tarzan Assault course where recruits take on a high wire assault course and must then complete the main bottom field assault course together.

These are the main tests along with the final test exercise and the bottom field assault course tests (The Bottom field assault course, 200 mtr firemans carry, 30ft rope climb and a regain on to a rope).

All tests are done with 22lbs of kit and a rifle and require physical and mental strength to achieve.

Recruit Selection
The selection weekend for Recruit Troop 06 takes place over the weekend of the 29th September - 01st October at RMR Scotland's HQ (Glasgow, Govan). Selection will consist of physical tests including the V02 Max Bleep Test (Royal Marines Fitness Test), the Basic Fitness Test (2x 1.5 mile runs), the basic swim test (2 lengths and tread water for 3 mins), a gruelling cross country/ circuit run (to see how much you want it) and an interview with an officer.

There will also be briefs to give an overview of the training. All successful candidates will be invited to then undertake recruit training for their chance to earn the Green Beret.

The locations across Scotland where recruits will be trained are:

RMR Scotland HQ, Glasgow, Govan

And detachments at:

Abereden, Gordon Barracks
Dundee, TA Centre, Strathmore Rd
Edinburgh, HMS Caledonia, Rosyth
Inverness, TA Unit, Gordonville Rd

Training takes place in 2 phases.
Phase 1 (Foundation and basic soldiering skills) is the first 5 months, culminating in a 2 week course at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marine, Lympstone.

Phase 2 (Commando Training) is the second 5 months, the culmination being the 2 week Reserve Forces Commando Course at which those passing all the Commando Tests are awarded their Green Beret.

During these training phases, recruits will attend 19 training weekends (every 2nd weekend) at various training areas across Scotland and every Wed evening (Thurs for Inverness and Aberdeen) - known as a drill night - from 19.30 to 21.30 at their local detachments.

It should be understood that there is very little flexibilty within the training program to miss out many of the required weekends and drill nights, therefore recruits must be commited to the high commitment required by recruit training.

Recruits will need to keep themselves physically fit in their own time so as to progress with the physical levels of training. No recruit training takes place over the christmas period but will do throughout the year.

Recruits will receive travelling expenses to and from their unit for training weekends and drill nights. They will also receive a Training Allowance to cover any missed meals travelling to a Drill Night.

Drill nights will receive a quater of a day's pay and will be paid once a full day's pay has been accumulated (every 4 drill nights).

Weekends will be paid at a daily rate, normally achieving two and a half days pay per weekend (starting on a Fri night and returning home on Sun afternoon).

A training Bounty will also be paid to all reservists who regularly attend training with the unit. In order to earn the bounty the reservist must complete a minimum of 6 weekends a year, complete a 2 week training package, attempt an annual weapon test and pass required physical tests within the year.

Current training bounties start at £371 for the first year and increase to £816, £1260, £1260 and reaching £1462 in the fifth and every year thereafter.

Anyone wishing to take on the challenge should see their local Armed Forces Career Office who will explain more details and start the joining process. The AFCO will then arrange for the potential recruit to contact their local RMR Scotland unit to try out at the selection weekend.

Holding Troop
Any person wishing to prepare themselves physically for the Selection Weekend can attend a Holding Troop at their local unit (expected to start from Jun 06). Holding Troop is voluntary where a potential recruit can get physical training and guidance in preperation for the Selection Weekend.


Other information on who the RMR are, what training we do, what the chances of promotion and trade training are and what the Commando tests involve can be found at the following links.

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