RMR Scotland are now on Facebook

RMR Scotland now has an official Facebook page. Have a look "Like" and find out about the Unit's activities. We will be posting plenty of information on our forthcoming PRMC (R).
The Royal Navy has a Facebook page, as does the Royal Navy Reserve and a good few units so I don't see a problem with an RMR unit having one.
So what if you don't see a problem with it?......I advised the individual to discuss it with his HQ.

'Moraybootneck' You are highly likely breaching the CMR policy if you don't get your CO's blessing.

If you do all's good , if you don't then you may well end up in the brown stuff!


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There is actually a policy with regard Facebook, the mob only wants 4 "official" Facebook pages: Royal Navy, Royal Navy Recruiting, Royal Marines and Royal Marines Recruiting.

I just got a spanked botty for starting a PRMC Forum Facebook splash page to divert traffic to the forum, even though the PRMC Forum itself is official and there's no link on the Facebook pages, a single link on the RN website, but a Facebook link on every single page of the RN Website.

Contracted civilian companies appear to be the way ahead, accuracy not required.
SJRM.....I'm not your dear and I am always calm, if you are unable to offer an informed comment then don't offer any.

Ninja-Stoker, thank you for the DS answer confirming my advice and thank you further for your recent help passed to me over the telephone regarding recruitment of ex regulars into the RMR....very helpful and it will be followed up soon.

Moraybootneck, take the advice that's been offered because what you are proposing will get you in trouble, unless as you state this an official RMR Scotland facebook site, if so then good luck with it.


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I posted a couple of pics to be posted on RMR Scotland site on Facebook of a unarmed combat display team. Back came the "faces cannot be shown" with the image being so small it never did. And also a vid on youtube would you please delete for PERSEC well I never ever stated on youtube it was RMR so that was a Roger from the deleting person. Next thing I see is some bootie abseiling from a football stadium rooftop full face image on Facebook RMR Scotland. So do please explain.
How soon we forget the security issues of the recent past. There is an official Corps and CMR policy on social networking based on serious breaches of security across the services. What don't you understand about this? If the phot or media item has 'official' blessing then so be it. Uncontrolled media releases opens a Pandora's box of many things, the most serious being the release of details that are of use to those that would do us harm and others that portray the RM and RMR in the wrong light. I have no doubt that the OP means well and it may be an official site but this issue is passed down the CoC on such a regular frequency that any serving reservist has no excuse. If you want the incident you refer to explaining then get onto TO RMR Scotland and ask him, I don't know the answer to that.


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Maybe the issue is just the word "official", when it comes to Facebook.

The Persec issues of using your real identity tend to be more pertinent to those serving than those intending to join. On the Official RM Facebook page there are people who daily proclaim they want to join Special Forces & I'd guess fewer than one in a thousand get as far as applying, let alone commencing basic military training. Although, it's true to say terrorist organisations have targeted UK service personnel on Facebook.

The "official" pages, having monitored them for the last nine months, are mainly just for initial eligibility queries. (Nationality, Age, Weight, Residency, Academics, Criminality, Tattoos, Medical/Dental etc - the last three cannot be answered by the contracted company)-

It's interesting that the following unofficial Facebook public pages already exist and have done for many moons, together with about thirty others.

Royal Marine Reserve | Facebook
Royal Marines | Facebook
Royal Marines | Facebook
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