Discussion in 'RMR' started by ali_earlish, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. hi, i am thinking of joining the RMR while at collage to go offshore in aberdeen but it has allways been my dream to be a royal marine, so i was wondering do people ever transfer from the RMR to the royals. cheers
  2. I dont think you can transfer, you got to do the 32 week course, but you get to wear your lid through training. But you can do long attachements with the regulars as a lot of people I have met have, its about 10% of RMR are on this.
  3. For your info.

    Aberdeen Detachment, RMR Scotland parades on Thursday evening at 1930 at Gordon Barracks, Bridge of Don. If you are serious about the RM after College then the very best and only preparation is to join the RMR.

    Go along and ask the OC/DSM these questions and they will be able to give you informed and current answers. RMR Scotland is recruiting now but you need to get your running shoes on now if you are going to make this year's Recruit Troop.

    In summary get along to Aberdeen Det, they will welcome those wishing to join as will the whole of RMR Scotland and give you advice on RM/RMR options.

    Yours aye,

    Moray Bootneck

    PS Give RMR Scotland a call on 0141 445 6020 and ask for PSI PTI who will be able to advise you.
  4. Best of luck mate , hope you make it :lol:
  5. They certainly do, a member of 42 who was RMR and serving full time attachment has recently transferred to the regular Corps.
  6. Brills , good to see that they can do it if they want to , so theres your answer mate , go for it , 8)
  7. cheers very much for all the replys, great to have somewhere to ask questions. i think i will go for rmr once im at collage.

    cheers again

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