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What career route have most people taken?

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hey all,

i just joined my local rmr unit tonight and had the hardest PT session im sure ever existed in the history of PT sessions. of course afterwards it was fine and could do it again 8) theres now not much i want more than a green lid. my official induction and selection begins in september, what exactly will i do on selection weekends and in phase 1 training?

all help and advice is welcome however strange it may be so please dont hesitate to reply!

cheers YS.

oh by the way in pay does 'on entry' mean you get paid whilst in training?? i sure hope so as im in college during the week and a part time uni course too i have no time for a job. sorry everyone for being a parasite student :D


In phase one you will work around 3 core areas; PT, map reading and weapon handeling.

What unit are you at? Are you in holding troop?


Yea holding troop theres only a few of us and im half the age of the others. Manchester Detachment. are u in already or training or holding?


oh and by the way the commando dagger which is worn below commando flashes, how do you set about getting that? and whats it for?


Hey its ok, im im holding troop aswell and at RMR london im half the age of the others aswell!


maybe in a years time then we'l b on the same commando course...

what kind of training do you do each week?

oh and still can anyone tell me what the commando dagger is for?!?!



Not a lot of training to be honest, I got a short sharpe shock when I tried a practice PJFA and Iv got to say I farking hate tredmills! I couldnt complete a mile on the F-ing thing. No more kebabs, alchol or chocolate for me for a while! I am in pretty good shape though in the last holding troop session I got 40 press ups 75 sit ups 5 chin ups and 28 burpies and one minute on the sprints. I usually go running three times a week, but the weather ATM makes that a bit unreasonable. I do press ups etc in my bed room every other day. What training do you do? The dagger is just to show you are in the RM


i go running 3 times a week and do circuit training of situps, pressups, dips, biceps(no pullup bar), and deltoids. every day i do that.

ive just had an injury on my knee and i cant walk its a recurring thing and i think im gna have to have an operation on it. if so then thats me out of this years selection. in the application advice book it says if you have an op youre ''permanently unsuitable'' but if im sorted they wont know and it wont harm anyone? anyway im going doctors today so il let you know what he says when i get back.

i can only hope itll b ok my uncle and cousin have had operations on their knees too might me a family thing. wish me luck.



F****** devastated.
:( :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry:
doctor says i have to wait until sept/oct to have an appointment with an
orthopaedic guy who will then (after a long wait) do something about it
(hopefully) the old B****** didnt even seem ars*d. the joys of the NHS.

its getting a bit lyk the military - hurry up and wait!

so now i cant run until ive had it sorted which will be months then months
of rehabilitation after that. the MOD form says il be
''permanently unsuitable'' but f**k that all I want is in and i dnt plan to
miss it for anything.
:( :( :(
hopefully il be on next years induction or hell maybe the regs when I
finish college!!

soooo devastated i think im going to go and cry... 8O
well maybe not that devastated.

anyone else had anything like this happen to them?

talk about it on the other thread/post whatever its called...




YS, yes iv had something like this, glandular fever, and at the moment reoccuring tonsilitis, so its looking weary as to weather I will be attending selection as well. I am having my tonsils removed in Septemeber and the selection date is in October. Do you think I will have enough time? lol. Well I'm going to keep my chin up whatever happens.

Just remember mate your 17/18 years old, the cut of age is 32... you have over ten years to get your knee sorted out and join up! If you do get the op on your knee dont rush back into training or it will just make things worse, as I said you have well over a decade to join up.


Guys, The commado dagger is a unit "flash" worn by all ranks working with 3 Cdo Brigade. You may see a variety of ranks (ie Army/RN) wearing them - it does not mean the wearer is RM or even has passed the Commando Course - just that they have a job with Brigade (or used to - and didn't take it off when leaving!).

JFYI- In CS95 RM Commandos can be id'd by Green Beret / RM Cdo Shoulder titles. Army Ranks passing the All Arms Commando Course wear a red dagger on navy triangle patch on left arm (and a Green Beret with their own regimental badge).


The issued commando dagger flash is worn only by serving and ex-serving members of any commando units of any arm of the service. The badge itself is issued upon completion of the commando course as well as the beret. Attatched arms to commando units wear their units beret and no commando insignia other than RLC, REME ect who choose to complete the course succesfully. Hope this helps (am new to all this)


The issued commando dagger flash is worn only by serving and ex-serving members of any commando units of any arm of the service. The badge itself is issued upon completion of the commando course as well as the beret. Attatched arms to commando units wear their units beret and no commando insignia other than RLC, REME ect who choose to complete the course succesfully. Hope this helps (am new to all this)


Although im not sure about the Navy arm. In my experience no personel wore either badge nor beret without completing the course, (the navy signallers that served with 148 bty were almost always, like the rest of us, commando and parachute trained for operational requirements) support parachute units however such as 9 Para sqd Royal Engineers and 7 Para RHA allow everyone from female clerk staff to roly poly mechanics to wear what was once for some, a sought after prize in the form of a maroon beret ? doesnt make much sense !


Just goes to show the difference between the maroon and the green, don't it. BTW I seem to remember some ancient advert for RM along the lines of "A green beret costs £2.35 or 4.5 gallons of sweat, blood and tears...dependent on how you earn it".. I made the figures up, but the message is still there!


War Hero
Seems anybody can wear and call themselves what they want these days - so you get wet behind the ears sprogs calling themselves 'badgemen' when they don't even know what the badge is about! eh sonny!

It may interest you children to know that the Army were actually the FIRST British Commandos (the first wear Boars (South African Dutch Farmers) kicking the backside out of the British!

The idea was taken up by a chappie called Winston Churchill during the second world war (after he'd left the Admiralty)!
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