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I'd like to join the RMR but i'm having trouble getting specific answers.

I do work full time and i know there is training on the weekends...that's fine with me but what about the Wednesday training is there an exception for missing that?

Also, are there training weekends every weekend or only every 2 weekends?

I can't actually find how long it takes to become an RMR so I'm guessing it really depends on my attendance?

Speaking realistically what are the best specializations that can help in the real world with jobs, I'm joining the RMR to better myself and my life.



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You're advised to budget for as many as two weekends a month through RMR Recruit Training. Miss more than one and it's wait a year to start again if your unit only has the one troop. There has been moves to reduce it to one weekend a month but it would pretty much double the time it takes to complete training - beyond the 12-14 months it takes already.

You will need to attend most drill nights also - your local unit may permit the odd one or two absences but pretty soon you'll fall behind.

All in all, if you are looking to see what you can skip before you start & what you can take with regard qualifications, etc., the odds are it may well end in disappointment.

The trouble with RMR SQs is they tend to be the shorter courses due to the fact those with a full time job are unlikely to be able to afford the time on a military wage in order to gain the qualification.

Bottom line, talk to the PSIs (Permanent Staff Instructors - usually Sergeants) at your local unit - they are the people that conduct your training and are best qualified to advise the practicalities of the current training package.

Good luck.


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Just to add to the above, having spoken to my local RMR unit, they advise the troop passing out this month started RMR Recruit Training in November 2013, so 18 months training.

With regard the frequency of training weekends during RMR Recruit Training, providing there are no re-takes, you can budget for 20 weekends a year...but there are three leave periods, usually in the months of December, April & August which removes about 3, four-week periods without training weekends. This means that during the remaining 40 weeks, you can expect 20 training weekends...PLUS Two 2-week continuous training packages to complete the Reserve Forces Commando Course (RFCC) in Lympstone, Amphibious Drills & Confirmation Exercise/live Firings.

Once commando trained you can earn an increasing annual bounty of up to £1725 by attending 14 days continuous training packages per year (can be split into 2 single weeks), 12 Days worth of Drill Nights (1 Drill night = 1/4 Day), Training Days and/or weekends.

To qualify for Bounty you must successfully pass the annual fitness test & weapons test.
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