RMR questions: Birminham/Merseyside detachment

Can someone tell me when the PRMC for the Birminham/Merseyside detachment is? I think it's the weekend of September 9th. Also how long does the application process for thr RMR take? As you can guess I've left it to the last moment to apply. I've been keeping myself in shape but it's length of the application process that worries me more than my fitness.

Also, if I've missed the the selection weekend for the Birminham/Merseyside detachment would I be able to to join the London detachment. Even though I live in Birmingham, I study part time which means once a week a travel to central london so for me it wouldn't be as drastic as it sounds.


The app process can take as long as you want.

Its as follows:
Fill in Application forms etc
Recruit Test (hand in forms)
Formal Interview
Pre Joining Fitness Test (1.5 miles on a treadmill)

I had it done within 2 months, could have got it done a bit quicker if Id needed.

You could still go for London (Oct) if you wanted but its on a wednesday night and you'd have to travel down for weekends.
not too late mate im in manchester/merseyside det,
ive just filled in my apps and will hand them in on tuesday night and come september they will do meds, tests etc etc before the weekend of the 9th of sept when the prmc is at liverpool! come on join man btw merseyside is better than london :D need any more help pm me

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