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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Celeron, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick question,

    a friend of mine says he is in the Royal Marine Reserve, and that when he joined up he went straight to Sergeant.
    He also says he has been shot, and been to like warzones, overnight, been shot, and been back at school he next day.

    He's a nice guy, and I hate to say that he's a liar, but I'm very skeptical.

    I don't think it's possible to join up straight as a Sergeant, and to have gone to warzones, and have been shot, he's 16/17...

    Can anyone else reassure me that this can't actually happen please.
    O and no sarcasm please :)
  2. To be honest celeron i wouldn't believe a single word he says.

    I think Walt would be proud of him. :D
  3. He could be telling the truth, we have loads of RM cadets who are 16/17 coming out during their school holidays and fighting alongside us in Afghanistan. And a good job they do too.

    So give him a break, he might have PTSD.
  4. Ask to see his ID card (I think it's called the MoD 90) though I'm sure someone else will be along.


    Funnily enough I was in a gaming clan a few months ago. We had a new joiner who introduced himself a Corporal so and so, saying he was a reservist and had worked with the SBS reserves but he couldn't talk about it. Had a google of his username as it seemed sketchy. He was a 14 year old marine cadet :lol:
  5. Also, if he smashed the endurance course in a specific time, they give you your Sergeants there and then.

    He sounds gen to me, and a bit of a fucking hero so show him some respect.
  6. Im led to believe you need to be 18 before you can deploy to the frontline and take up a combat role. But i may be wrong.
  7. You are wrong, see my previous posts. The lad is a fucking war hero.
  8. :lol:
  9. You're bang on Monty, where would we be without these lads!?
  10. Right, so he's probably telling the truth?
  11. Almost certainly, quite frankly, I'm disappointed that you were suspicious. A couple of these summer holiday Sergeant cadets pulled me out of the brown and sticky in Lash last year, had they not have had the foresight to bring half of silvermans with them, I might not be here today.
  12. It's a young age to be doing what he's doing, it's hard enough for the lads with a bit of life experience. I wouldn't press his buttons if I were you...
  13. Lab I bet he's in 4 Troop or whatever they call it this week.

    I'm actually quite turned on!!! 8O
  14. I do have a lot of 'blonde' moments but I'm not blonde enough to fall for someone spouting sh*t.

    Call the dude out.............well, unless, like MLP says; he's signed up for the child labour branch of the RM :wink:
  15. :) I just hate to say he's lying, he is quite a nice guy.
  16. Where's he at? I'll tell him :wink:
  17. Haha, thanks for the replies guys ;p
  18. I'd expect his bravery in returning to school the day after recieving wounds in combat to be rewarded with at least the VC if not a Knighthood. Expect to miss him during next double maths, he'll be off to the Palace for tea and medals with Liz.
    BZ to the young thruster, I expect all adult wounded to throw away their crutches and rise from their sick beds and return to duty ASAP.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to add that only two months ago I genuinely spoke to a former Sea Cadet who reached the rank of SCC Petty Officer. Naturally the individual stated that they were entitled to join the regular Royal Navy at the same rank.

    Needless to say, the individual received a salute from me as they left.
  20. :D :D :D

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