Hi everyone. I'm new here, you have my permission to hold that against me.

I am currently studying with the OU with the intention (once graduated and completed selection) of battling through BRNC and escaping as an AEO. Obviously with the OU it is a part time degree and I expect I will need another 4 years to complete it, so in the meantime I am contemplating the URNU, but I am much more drawn to the RMR because I think it would be much more beneficial in overall experience and fitness.

The Question(s). You are all wise and knowledgeable in these matters, so which route would be more sensible for me take? Is it possible that being in the RMR would stand me in much better stead for the AIB? Or would I be simply digging myself a hole of "RMR? So now you want to be an engineer? Strange..."

All advice/abuse is much appreciated.



I may be wrong but I think you need to attend a university affiliated to the regional URNUs to join an URNU (e.g. to join London URNU you need to attend one of the Universities in the London Area).So I suspect you may not be eligible through the OU. @Ninja_Stoker may be able to clarify this. I was in the URNU for 3 years and I'm currently training to be a soldier in the Army Reserve. Here what I'd say. The pros of the URNU are that there's less of a time committment and its more flexible in terms of attendance (although to get the most out of it you'd want to attend as much as possible).The cons are that it is less structured in terms of training. The training you receive can vary hugely, especially at sea since some units can have their ships in refit for ages meaning that very few people in the unit can go to sea. Training on drill nights is also fairly unstructured (especially compared to OTCs and UASs). I felt that after 1st year the you just relearn the same stuff. That said I thoroughly enjoyed my term in the URNU. In terms of preparation for the AIB, I definitely say the URNU made much more confident as a person (I used to be incredibly shy before uni).That said I know many people in my unit who failed AIB. Obvs I've had no experience of the RMR but I'd say there will be similarities with the army reserve.RMR will be a much bigger time commitment. My URNU unit shared facilities with an RMR unit and the drop out rate was huge it seemed. One of the reasons was due to many people failing to be able to make the committment, attendance wise. Likewise the same is the case in my current army reserve. In the last intake more than half the people dropped out. Apart from the challenges of balance civvy life with training obviously the RMR will also be alot more physically and mentally demanding and yes you'll definitely become alot fitter :p. if you have any questions about the URNU. Feel free to PM me.
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