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Discussion in 'RMR' started by chachu201, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Is there anyone here with information about joining the Nottingham detachment? Any help appreciated!
  2. It is part of RMR Merseyside, brand new detachment. I do have a contact but I doubt I can give it out, but I'll give you the publicly available info as per the link in my signature.

    RMR Merseyside
    0800 783 9529 or 0151 707 3431
    [email protected]

    Information here: http://www.royal-navy.mod.uk/server.php?show=nav.6529

    Email/ring the above and tell them you're interested in Nottingham Detachment. Best of luck.
  3. Thank you very much - I'll contact them ASAP.
  4. update for anyone interested in Nottingham Det is - currently only recruiting Ex Regular RM.
    Building works have started to create the extra room required. Once complete in about 8 weeks a "holding troop" will form in line with other RMR Merseyside Dets with a view to selection weekend probably in September.
    The AFCO process is a long one however so best to get started early.
    if you have any specific questions feel free to pm me .
  5. Can anyone give any clues as to the fitness requirements that I need to have before starting? I'm a cross country runner, so can cover ground quickly, but my upper body strength is lacking. Should I work on this?
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Your all round fitness needs to be pretty good, you will need to be able to carry wieghts on your back as well as being a racing snake. The Corps doesn't expect the finished article to bimble through the door at the interview or start of training stage.

    I'd managed to cut down to 14 a day when I joined up.
  7. How lacking? Can you do pressups and pullups?
  8. I can do 26 press ups, RM style (elbows tucked into the side etc...), and I can do just one pull up with the overhand grip, or whatever its called.
  9. Theres your answer then mate. Must try harder :thumright: :thumright:
  10. I'll train like mad then! College gym... here I come!
  11. Eat, rest and play like mad too mate, or your gym work will be futile.
  12. Oh, Ive already got that angle covered! :thumright:
  13. Hi,

    is there any more news regarding Nottingham Det? Wondering if everything has gone to plan regarding the building works, and are they definitely taking on new recruits?
  14. anyone requiring an update on Nottingham,, here goes

    HOLDING TROOP starts in MAY , there is a presentation evening on Tuesday 6th after which a presentation evening on the first Tuesday in each month.
    Holding Troop trains every Tuesday night and there is a structured program designed to physically prepare candidates for selection, there are also interest lectures and some social functions.
    in order to start with Holding Troop you must attend a presentation evening ( ie the longest you should have to wait is now four weeks )
    the inital point of contact should be the recruiting Sgt at RMR Merseyside on 0800 783 9529 or [email protected] He is currently on leave so you may not get an immediate response.
    if anyone wants to attend the 6th May evening if you PM me with a contact number i will ensure that someone will call and give you the detail
    hope this helps
  15. Wasnt there myself but interested in any feedback from the "Presentation Evening" at Nottingham
    Anyone out there go along ? what do you think ? any suggested improvements ?
  16. There seemed to be quite a few recruits for RMR nottingham last tuesday. However, sadly, not the steely eyed skater of death who apparently has a "black belt in CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and did a sniper course a few months ago". Shame about the bum fluff on his chin.

    I was quite surprised how quickly the RMR unit seems to have grown and it's brilliant to see even if observed from the blue fence!
  17. I was there.

    Was a good evening, quite a few potential recruits in attendance. First night of holding troop is this Tue, I'll be there.

    Need to sort all my admin out at the AFCO now........
  18. There seems to be one of these in every new batch of Recruits, it's strange how once the hard work begins they fade away never to be seen again, probably off on Ops with 'Them'.
  19. Don't worry he has a 12 foot brother too apparently who'll be bloody handy in house clearance...
  20. I was there :eek: Yes quite a few. Wonder how many will be back today :eek: (looking at that i need some kip before work :(

    Hmmm still trying to decide how much i'm looking forward to PT :s lol


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