Discussion in 'RMR' started by MOOSE, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. The new detachment at Nottingham is under way. it is co-located with HMS Sherwood.
    An "open evening" is planned for Tues 11th Sept. At present only looking for qualifed persons to form a nucleus of trained ranks with a view to taking a recruit intake in sept 08.
    Any ex booties , 29 , 59 etc in the Nottingham area would be very welcome to attend , please spread the word if you live in the area.
    there will be some press coverage prior to the 11th.
    anyone interested can pm me for more info.
  2. Hmmm HMS Sherwood. I was once sunk to the nuts in a Jenny there, afore doing a technicolour yawn in her handbag. A right charmer me. :hump:
  3. Ahh , Hearbreak Lane what a charmer you must be !!! a right old silver tounged fcuker !!!
    Do you suppose the aforementioned Jenny will still be serving ?
    Were you a former member of HMS Sherwood ? if so how do you think they will be anticipating the formation of an RMR detachment ?

  4. No I only spent 48 hours there once, never saw her again. Fortunatly. :afro:
  5. Never mind , she probably still has your name tatooed, right next to "mild and bitter"
  6. From what i gather they'll be glad of any extra bodies.
  7. seemed like a busy unit last time i visisted ? however havent been in on their drill night yet.
    looking forward to the open evening on the 11th Sept. There is some press and radio coverage next week in the E. Midlands area.
    Any takers or interested persons from Rum Ration yet ?
    Some wag mentioned posting on ARRSE for ex all arms qualified.
    not to sure if thats a good idea.....although their coverage is greater might be in for a right slagging !!!!
  8. Just a reminder to anyone who may be interested. "open evening" is going ahead tommorow evening at HMS Sherwood for anyone interested in joining the new detachment , this includes ex regular or anyone interested in joining the recruit intake ( wont be until 2008 )
    There will be a presentation ,followed by any questions also a member of the recruiting staff will be present , then drinks at the bar afterwards !!!
    timings are 1930 onwards.
    Anyone want any more detailed info , please pm me .
    Well done to all those guys who passed selection this weekend at Mersey.
  9. Sorry to dig this thread out.

    Any updates on when this detachment will be recruiting new people?

    (I was there for the RNR presentation on Tuesday 22/1/2008 and saw a few of you 'Old' (though i'd not say you actually are Old!) and bold guys by the bar at the end of the night. Though stupidly I didn't come over to talk, was a bit unsure how appropriate to be asking about RMR when at a RNR recruitment presentation evening.

  10. North
    the situation is as follows, the Detachment is up and running with approx 20 all ranks.
    Currently they are re-qualifying and getting current. Building works start within the week to give the RMR Detachment the facilites to function. Once those works are complete we will commence with the holding troop, Selection will be in the summer.
    Already had a load of interest in holding troop. pm me if you want more details.
    Cant understand why you didnt come over and have a chat , cant have been that intimidating ????
  11. PM sent ;) (well, it was yesterday ;P )
  12. I am ex RM and RMR, more recently RMR.
    Have been out for 4 years now.
    Went to Merseyside few weeks back to re-join the RMR but due to some pay scheme being a pain in the rear sight I have had to go through the local careers centre (Stoke).
    They told me of Nottinghams existence and I wish to be attached there as it is closer anyway.
    Not sure how long it will take to get the docs back and of course I'll need a medical.
    So how is the Notts attachment? what sort of trades do you require? I'm a PW3 (Skill at arms instructor) Was hoping to complete the 2 weeks weapons course to give me the PW2 TQ in the near future.
  13. Petemac
    pm me with a contact number and i will give you the gen.
    Mersey / Notts on leave now until early Sept

    shot over
  14. Petemac
    as discussed , get yourself down to Nottingham on Tues 2nd Sept.
    For anyone interested there is a selection weekend 1st Weekend in Sept for potential recruits.
    you will need to get your skates on and minimum will be to attend on tues 2nd sept.
    Training starts later in the month
    Good luck to all the lads who have been attending Notts over the last couple of months
  15. Spot on... Will be there.

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