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Hi lads, it's a long one, but please bear with...

I went down to AOSB (boo, hiss, I know) in June and failed, since then have been thinking about what I want to do. I had every intention of going back to AOSB some time next year, but am in no rush. Having said that, one of my mates has been in the Marines for over 2 years now and every time he's chatting about work I always get envious. The main thing putting me off the RM was that I didn't want to do solely Infantry type stuff, I was intending to join the Engineers and join 59 Cdo Sqn, as I thought it would offer a bit more variety long term, but having spoke to my mate and some of his bootneck friends, I think I would maybe regret joining the Engineers and passing up the chance to go RM.

So, the main question is this:

I was thinking of joining the Dundee detachment of the RMR, firstly to get a feel of what the RM does and to see if I would like it. Secondly, regardless of whether I go the RM Officer route or back to AOSB, I think the training with RMR would be beneficial for both. But, would the RMR like me to be solely orientated around them, ie. would they appreciate me considering the Army Officer route if it turned out RM wasn't for me??

Sorry it took so long to explain!!
Donnelly901, come on down! As a long standing member of Det Dunders I can tell you once you get a feel of life with a green lid on your heed (head for those in Englandshire) you wont want to go Perce von Pongo. That said once the green stuff is on your heed then you will have options. Stay a Royal Marine Reservist (no easy feat..year long training, no holds bar commando course, stacks of fizz in your lunch hour etc etc) try for a comission in either the RMR, RM or the Army route then 59. I know that the RN have had several RMR trained ranks go in as medical officers and keep the lid (after the AIB). Don't see why it would be different for Perce. The Det drill night is Wednesday 1930-2130, Strathmore Ave TA Centre. Pop in and discuss!
Donnelly 901, the Corps has stax of 'trades' or Specialised Qualifications open to both Marines and Officers.
Some that spring to mind are Signals, Heavy Weapons, Assault Engineer, Landing Craft, Mountain Leader, Swimmer Canoeist (SBS) Air Crew (Pilots etc)
Generally Marines do the basic 3s course, Corporals do the 2s and Sergeants and above do the 1s. An Officer would usually go straight onto the 1s course for his chosen SQ.
So it is by no means nescessary 'just' to be a General Duties rate, during a career in the RM.
Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.
Thanks for the advice guys,

I'v done the pshycometric tests and had my eye exam and have my interview/medical on 8 Feb, so hopefully can get in about it soon. Will keep you updated as and when i progress.

Cheers again guys,



War Hero
Good luck Greg,

Failing AOSB, then considering the RMR maybe a bit ambitious, or indeed back to front, but nevertheless good luck fella.

You'll need it :lol:
Thanks ninja, the problem with AOSB was the planning ex (real lack of a plan was my problem), eveything else went ok, no problems physically, although they obviously the fitness tests are a bit mickey mouse compared to Royal! Anyway, we'll soon find out...


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