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Does anyone have any idea when RMR Merseyside start recruiting and how often? Is it just once a year or more...
Thanks to all who read / reply.
indeed september was this yrs intake, however a new almost pre-holding troop has begun, with lads who were interested coming along to decide if they wanted to join holding troop.

i heard rumbles that they might bring holding troop forward so it begins before the normal april point, and if so they might move selection forward accordingly.

good good. thats the best way forward, they will send you an introductory pack with some paperwork in it, fill it out and next thing you kno you will be in the machine.


Been in touch with them over the phone, they are going to send me some paperwork to fill in.

The Guy on the phone said that he thinks holding troop for liverpool starts some time in february.

I was hoping it would be a little later so i would have more time to work my fitness levels.

Nevermind i'll just have to push myself a little harder.

THANKS ALL !! for your replys
holding troop is designed for you to work on your fitness, its a build up to the selection weekend. obviously, it would still be a good idea to train before holding troop starts. i spoke to a friend who has just started the joining process. RMR Mersey have organised different days at his AFCO for him to go in and do his medical, RT and interview, he told me that the selection weekend would be in feb. just what i heard on the grapevine.
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