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Discussion in 'RMR' started by 1ManRiot, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick introduction really....

    23 y/o, ex-Army (REME), from Preston, Lancashire.

    Anybody here from ManDet? I have been meaning to take a trip down one Tuesday night but keep putting it off as its a bit of a treck (hour and a half round trip).

    I'm going to take a ride up there tonight to familiarise myself with the route on quiet roads and hopefully pop in this Tuesday.

    Is parade at 1945?

    I have loads of questions, is there a stickie or thread or similar that explains the whole RMR process so I can avoid asking the newbie questions you are now doubt accustomed to!?

    Thanks all.
  2. Hello mate

    There are probably some old threads that you can trawl through that will have the information you need. If not, i'm sure there are a few lads from the det that can help out. Or see below

  3. Quiet forum this!

    Spoke to a Staff Sergeant at ManDet 10 mins ago (glad I did because I was going to drive down there for a wasted trip). He is going to send me an information pack through the post and then I will have to attend a presentation evening on the 5th June.

    I'll have to see what the pack says, though I have a feeling it will be a bit 'spiel'-driven but at least I will have something to go on!

    Looking forward to it though, I've been wearing in some combat hi's for a few weeks now too!
  4. Staff Sgt???
    They get upset and will require a few weeks in counselling if you call them that.
  5. Was going to post a reply to that effect mate but thought the lad might like to adopt the press up postion and start as he meant to go on.lol
  6. For those that may be interested , presentation evenings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month. ( unless on leave )
    An overview of training is given and for those that wish the recruiting process can begin. Visitors are shown round the unit and also have the opportunity to ask any "informal" questions at the bar following final brief.
    Those brave fellows can then attend holding troop training with a view to selection weekend in September.
    Recruiting Sgt ( not staff Sgt ) can be contacted through RNHQ in Liverpool on 0151 707 3346.
    If anyone has any specific questions , re MANDET , feel free to pm me.
    Good luck !!!!!!
  7. It was a Sergeant Major who referred to him as a Staffy!! The Sgt Mjr answered that phone, ask me what my background was, and replied with 'hold on, let me pass you to the Staff Sergeant...." to which a southern fella answered!! (I rang ManDet direct, I didn't go through the Merseyside office).

    Moose, I will be attending the next one at ManDet (June 5th), I received an information pack detailing it.

    I'm really looking forward to it to be honest. After this introduction, how soon can you start coming down on a Tuesday night and get into training?
    The bloke I spoke to said it was an hours phys followed by an hours military lesson, is that more or less the jist of it?
    I believe potential officers are drawn from the ranks??
  8. you would be eligable to attend training with holding troop once you have attended a presentation evening.
    Most training nights for holding troop consist of a period of "phys" followed by some sort of interest lecture with a royal or military theme.
    All ranks are encouraged to have a "wet" in the bar afterwards.
    Regular holding troop attenders always do better on the selection weekends. As far as officer selection goes all officers are selected from the ranks following training.
    in exeptional circumstances you can join direct as an "officer under training" i am aware there is an ex regular 7RHA Captain under training at RMR Merseyside right now. He joined direct from leaving the Army.
    The RMR is currently short of officers , so encouragement is given to the right candidates.
    As you already have some military experience you may find the holding troop phase a bit repetitive, it is however designed for persons with little or no experience.
    i am sure you will find the phys challenging.
    best of luck ..... it is a long haul....
  9. I'm a little 'army barmy' so I think I will enjoy holding platoon a fair bit. I was always one to keep my admin and weapons skills sh!t hot so it will be nice to pick them up again.
    I am even wearing-in a pair of combat hi's too.
    Although I left the army in 2004, I still have bits of kit; weapon cleaning kit, some field bits and pieces, gortex, this and that.

    My phys was and is still pretty good, and I am working hard at prehab to avoid any untoward injuries (I was always prone to shin-splints, I want to make sure that doesn't happen again).

    What kit is worn by holding platoon?

    How are you better known Moose.....if you'd rather PM me than tell me here ;)
    I don't drink nowadays to be honest and its a good 40 minute drive home so I don't think I will be making this every time....hope that won't bother people too much!! I'll certainly go on the presentation night though.
  10. you are starting to unnerve me now 1 man riot ..... hope you are not crossing over into walt land !!
  11. LOL point taken, consider my over-optimism "toned down"

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