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Discussion in 'RMR' started by GNG, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. GNG


    Hi guys,

    I'm currently preparing for SIFT interview on July 30th then hopefully POC. Does anyone have any experience with the (if it's called this) holding troop / dets? I'm told it runs on a Wednesday around 7 but wondered if anyone could tell me what they do, if I would be allowed to come and if it's running tomorrow?

    Thanks for the help
  2. GNG

    It might be worth giving them a buzz just to check and avoid a possibly wasted journey:

    RMR London| Royal Navy
  3. During my abortive time with RMR London, I spent a month or so in holding. I would turn up, do fizz until I felt like throwing up, made sure I did my throwing up OUTSIDE, then more fizz. Afterwards, eat some stew in the mess.
  4. GNG


    Interesting Albert, what were the sessions like? Running or circuits? How fit were you when you went ie is it the norm to be throwing up?!
  5. Holding troop runs every Wednesday at 19:30. It will run this Wednesday and the next before August leave. Each week is different, but you usually switch between cardio (timed distance runs, circuits, sprints, etc.) and strength workouts. Often the session will include a bit of both. Either way, it is hard but usually just about manageable. After the workout there is sometimes a second period lesson on kit/training/etc. It's definitely worth doing.

    People are sick fairly often, but usually it's because they eat too soon before coming. I would eat around 4 so that I had time to digest before working out but not be hungry.

    There is a big range of fitness levels in holding troop. I wouldn't let your current level of fitness put you off coming, as you will gain a lot regardless of your level.

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