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Just a quick one, i am currently serving in the TA and travelling to Croydon on a regular basis from down south (East Sussex) i travel by train so is there any point in me having a butchers at said unit? Is it far from Either main Stations? Cheers all.
Cheers all, i was more wondering if anyone on here travels as far and wheather or not they find it a problem?!

Green slime?! Not in a million years ;) !


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NZ_Bootneck said:
Used to take me about 25 mins from London Bridge to Jamaica Rd, but then I was bimbling. You could take a bike and at least halve that.
Ah, the old bootneck bimbling. A couple of times when there was 'def no phys tonight boys', I was caught short by running to a drill night, a good 6 miler, then finding out that the training plan had changed, and we were now doing, you guessed it, a six miler. Threaders beyond.
I was Fleet Reserve after Regular service so just turned up showed a bored looking storeman my kit and hung around until the bounty was paid, once a year.
sgtpepperband said:
Not Int. Corps then?! Try typing "RMR London" into Google and you'll be amazed what you can find out... :roll:

RMR City of London
2 Old Jamaica Road
SE16 4AN
020 7237 4331
[email protected]


It appears you can take a long walk from London Bridge BR Station, or Bermondsey Underground Station...

RMR London: Unit Information
Or you could run there. The unit likes the odd bimble across the major bridges across the thames aswell!!

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