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RMR London recruiting

Beowulf said:
Hi guys, this is what I have managed to find out regarding selection dates. This is not official just what I have been told by people at the following RMR HQs. RMR London's next selection after this months will be in July. This was devestating news for me as I have been in HT since Feb this year.

RMR Bristol completed a selection weekend in early Sept, the next weekend is pencilled in for the 16th-18th of February. This was good news and I am going to go for this, it's only 1.5 hours on the train and definitely worth the journey. The question I have for anyone that can help is if I pass selection and (hopefully) pass phase 1 would I be able to transfer back to RMR London at some stage to complete training?

I am also assuming there will be no issues with the AFCO transferring my paperwork over and the all the pre joining requirements that I have completed already would be acceptable.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks
alrite boss i was just wondering on the open days at RMR london, do you do any physical training or do they just have a chat because i really want to join and i had it all planned out to go there an join straight away but av just put me back out shifting bloody 6 ton of top soil so am not sure weather to go you dont know by any chance do you?
Hello mate, this first evening that you attend is the induction evening, here you will watch various videos and have a brief lecture regarding the joining process. You may even get a chat with the CO.

There is no phys on this night, the following Wednesday you will be beasted until your eyes bleed! Only joking although it has been noted that the second Wednesday of the month is usually one of the hardest sessions. Usually circuit training or a jog round the park with some nice treats thrown in. This usually sorts out who is interested, those who come back for more and those who are not, who you never see again.

There is a selection weekend at the end of this month, if you fancy it get down there this Wednesday for the induction evening, there may be a chance you can get on it but being so late in the day and knowing the time it takes to get all the admin and pre joining hoop jumping out the way you may have to wait. Definitely worth having a go though as next selection isn't until July!!

How is your phys by the way?

Good luck

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