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Discussion in 'RMR' started by kawasaki, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I hope this is ok to put forward this type of post, but I have had very close links with Chatham Det. of RMR London over the past 5 or 6 years and I know that all of RMR London is recruiting now, for an intake around October.
    As this is the annual recruitment drive it is an opportunity that can be easily missed.

    Any ideas on making sure the right sort of people are made aware of the opportunity that is available to them in becoming a Royal Marine Reservist would be much appreciated.


  2. You say annual, does this mean that they will not be recruiting in January or is this only if they have room to spare?

    I was under the impression that there usually is a January intake for London and that was the one I was aiming for...
  3. hi, the best thing you can do is check with London, bearing in mind they are on leave at present, as far as i know the process needs to be pretty much underway by sept/oct to be ready for the next intake, ie all medicals, eye tests, pre joing fitness test, interview, selection and induction completed by around the beginning of November which would tie in with your date of January, but i dont think you would be advised to turn up in Jan and expect to get in, have you been in contact with London and are you in holding troop?

  4. you can get the application process (medical,RT,PJFT and interview) done within 6 weeks depending on how busy your AFCO is. Last time (january) people were allowed to do selection when they only joined HT around a month beforehand. as far as i know there is an intake in oct/nov and january.
  5. The AFCO at Chatham was excellent last time around, all i would say is check with London for the dates as i know it can take a while to get a firm date for the next selection and induction weekends and i am fairly sure there is only going to be one intake unless it has changed recently.
  6. Mate, what is the story if you are ex RM and wanted to join the RMR in London?
  7. As far as i know if you are ex regular RM and you had completed all your training, you just need to contact RMR London and do the relevant paperwork but i understand all the usual medical/entry requirements need to be passed.
    I believe ex reg recruits that havent completed their training would start at the beginning but it depends on the individual and how far through training they got as to whether they could jump in with say Phase 2.

    hope that helps, if you need more info best thing is ask RMR London.

    Was you fully trained?

  8. Not fully trained or ex-RM, just looking to join as a nod.

    Will give London a call when they're back
  9. Condo, Thats the best idea, i think the recruiting process has been under review for a while and now with the new CO in place i think they really want to drive it forward so things could be changing all the time.

    It is a good idea to get into holding troop as soon as poss if they run that the same as Chatham so you can get a good idea of what phys to get good at, and you will have a good idea of what to expect and what is expected.

    where do you live?

  10. Bristol currently but moving to London shortly - hence non-attendance at the Holding Troop (I know there is RMR Bristol but, long story, have not / will not be in Bristol long enough to attend there either)
  11. Fair play mate, hope it all goes well, London is a fantastic location being the HQ, they have all the gucci kit there and you will have loads of other nods to share the phys with!!

  12. Greetings all, new to this site. Looking for some help regarding this thread.

    Have been in holding troop RMR London since Feb this year, due to quite a serious injury I will miss out on the Oct selection next month. I am gutted, however I like Condotierri and iceman thought that there was another selection in January as there was this year, although I have also heard May/June! this is ages away.

    Have any of you guys managed to find out exactly when the next selection weekend is for RMR London? I have tried the AFCO and called Bemondsey but still no definite answer.

    It does seem a bit a bit odd having an intake three months after the last selection when it usually takes 7/8 months to train Phase 1? If anyone knows more on this please let us know?

    Thanks and all the best
  13. Hi, as always the best source of info is RMR London, either website, by phone or in person which i am sure everyone is aware of.

    If the recruiting follows a similar trend then the next intake, after the one that is taking place right now with first field excercise in December, will be around this time in 2007, but this could change.

    It worth bearing in mind that there is quite a number of time consuming tasks to complete before even undertaking selection/induction so worth getting in the system early and keeping in touch with your relevant AFCO/Det. Also you can never be too fit to start.

    hope that helps.

  14. Hi Andy, thanks for this. I thought I read on the RN website that they run two selection weekends a year? Sept and Jan. I then thought that maybe it was an every 7/8 month thing, ie one on Jan then Sept then May then Jan ect, now I am just confused, so who knows?

    I will just keep on trying the recruitment team at Bermondsey until I can squeeze an answer out of them.

    Regarding the RT test, interview, medical, eye test, PJFT, security clearance ect I'm all done. That's the gutting thing about it all, it's the injury that is stopping me going for it next month.

    If I find anything out on next selection weekend I'll post it here, as you said there is a new CO at HQ so the process may change from the process that knowbody knows about. he he

    Going back to your orignal post it seems the message is getting out there, there was about 30 in HT the last time I went two weeks ago. A good bunch. I would expect selection next month to be a big one when all the Dets get together.

    All the best and thanks again for the reply.
  15. Hi guys, this is what I have managed to find out regarding selection dates. This is not official just what I have been told by people at the following RMR HQs. RMR London's next selection after this months will be in July. This was devestating news for me as I have been in HT since Feb this year.

    RMR Bristol completed a selection weekend in early Sept, the next weekend is pencilled in for the 16th-18th of February. This was good news and I am going to go for this, it's only 1.5 hours on the train and definitely worth the journey. The question I have for anyone that can help is if I pass selection and (hopefully) pass phase 1 would I be able to transfer back to RMR London at some stage to complete training?

    I am also assuming there will be no issues with the AFCO transferring my paperwork over and the all the pre joining requirements that I have completed already would be acceptable.

    Any comments appreciated. Thanks
  16. alrite boss i was just wondering on the open days at RMR london, do you do any physical training or do they just have a chat because i really want to join and i had it all planned out to go there an join straight away but av just put me back out shifting bloody 6 ton of top soil so am not sure weather to go you dont know by any chance do you?
  17. Hello mate, this first evening that you attend is the induction evening, here you will watch various videos and have a brief lecture regarding the joining process. You may even get a chat with the CO.

    There is no phys on this night, the following Wednesday you will be beasted until your eyes bleed! Only joking although it has been noted that the second Wednesday of the month is usually one of the hardest sessions. Usually circuit training or a jog round the park with some nice treats thrown in. This usually sorts out who is interested, those who come back for more and those who are not, who you never see again.

    There is a selection weekend at the end of this month, if you fancy it get down there this Wednesday for the induction evening, there may be a chance you can get on it but being so late in the day and knowing the time it takes to get all the admin and pre joining hoop jumping out the way you may have to wait. Definitely worth having a go though as next selection isn't until July!!

    How is your phys by the way?

    Good luck

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