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Discussion in 'RMR' started by RoyalBiscuit, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently been to one of the RMR London detachments and have started the application process. I was told that training for phase 1 is one weekend a month but other people have said it's every other weekend..anyone know the score with this?

    Also I was told that if my application is successful then selection is April. Does anyone on here know the dates for the Phase one training after this date, if so could you let me know?

  2. Hello R.B

    I'm not sure what the commitment requirements are these days but it was indeed 2 weekends a month. The best thing to do is speak to your AFCO or Ninjastoker/supermario on here for more details.

    Which Det you joining??
  3. To realistically complete the training with the rest of your det(is that right?) it seems that 2 weekends a month and 1 night a week are what you need to aim for.

    And your AFCO or one of the London dets. will give you some more info on the phase 1 training, including the 2 weeks continuous.
  4. Wow, that's really good.
    You've graduated from newb to recruiting adviser in seven days, I'd better up my game or you'll want my MODship too.
    Perhaps you'd like to leave giving the advice to those who know what they're talking about, then halfway through your advice you won't have to ask if the terminology you're using is correct. :roll:
  5. Yeah obviously my info is gash NZer :afro:
  6. Thanks for the info all. Soleil's link states once a month as per the people I met at the detachment so hopefully this is the case. Unfortunately I can't make two weekends every month due to other commitments. Just keen to get on now, I fecking hope I get through the application and selection stage.

  7. Good luck mate, keep us informed of your progress.
  8. Cheers NZ will do
  9. No worries Young Thruster, we often get 'enthusiastic' new members who haven't even served in the Forces offering advice, as this could give the impression that none of the membership of RumRation have a clue, the members who have served get a little peeved. :thumright:
    As stated in other posts in this thread Ex_Rubberdagger passed out with RMR London so his advice can be vouched for.
    I just used to turn up there for my Reserves bounty, after my Regular service, so all I'm good for is directions to the bar.
  10. Good luck with it R.B Give my regards to the company Commander at henley if thats where your going. Bless his enthusiastic northern soul :thumright:
  11. Furthermore from this, and apologies if I've misunderstood what's in here, but I'm looking to join RMR London in 2009. I had previously set a date of March 2009 before starting the application, but recent events have led me to want to push that date forward.

    My mind and soul are in it already, but wanted to work on fitness before going through the selection period. The PJFT I could do, but I know from a previous PRMC attempt that I'd die. How long before starting the application until the hard training comes in? And does the RMR offer the ability for those pre-training to get their fitness up to the levels required?

    I'm gonna be popping along to the evening on 7th January, but I'm impatient and want to know all these things ASAP.
  12. MOD On
    Thread tided up by me.
    MOD Off
  13. Hi there Exzes, welcome aboard.
    If you're following the pre joining fitness programme, then you should be right. However don't just settle for the sets given for each exercise, ie 30 push ups, try and push yourself a little more each session, but not to the extent where you're going to injure yourself.
    I believe that Holding Troop (In which you'll be 'held' until enough Recruits join to form a Troop for Phase One) do like to up the ante a bit on the basic Phys standards so be prepared for some aches and pains. :thumright:

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