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Im 16 and wondering wether to join the RMR but my mums being a pain in the arse and saying that im not going in the RMR because of afghanistan so just to settle her nerves how long would i go to afghanistan for?
Also I would like to be a PTI in the RM so how long would i have to wait until i can specialise?
thanks for reading :)


I just wanted to say "Welcome to Rum Ration!".

One of the RMR guys will be along at some point to help you with your question.

Hi RMR94, I left the RMR a few years ago so my information may be out of date.

With regard to mobilisation it will not be a case of if but when after recruit training has been completed. In terms of mobilisation you will effectively take a step away from your civi life for a year as you will join your unit from the start of pre-deployment training, deploy for 6 months followed by post operational tour leave.

With regards to going PTI I would guess that will depend very much on your RMR unit's / detachment's needs, course availability and your aptitude (and whether you like wearing tight shorts and own a mirror).

What you need to remember is that those without operational experience are very much a minority in the RMR these days and being a PTI is an instructor role. Put two and two together and you'll soon work out that your unit will expect you to get a tour under your belt before thinking about specialising.

Basically, one step at a time:

- Ensure you are up front with your family so you can count on their support
- Ensure you give a good account of yourself on PRMRC
- Work hard, learn and with a following wind get your green lid
- Get on an operational tour

Then worry about the mirrors, shorts and squeaky 1950s voice bit...

Like I said, those currently in may well have give you more up to date information.

Good luck!

PS The amount of time you spend in Afghanistan is irrelevant as you could spend 60mins out there and your mum will worry for every minute so sorting out Stage 1 would be your priority
There is also the small problem that you cannot deploy on operations till you are over the age of 18. So factor in your age now- 12 - 18 months training and the subsequent deployment of the corps around that time and that will give you a feel of when you might - subject to you passing the commando course - be able to deploy

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