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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Exile, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know if it is possible to specialise as a Coxswain at all of the Dets?

    My nearest is Henley, so just wanted to confirm if you can train as a Coxswain whilst a member of this Det? (I guess the actual training would be down at Poole?)

    I appreciate that it is a bit premature to look past winning the Green Lid but as I have got a bit of boating experience and a few RYA qualifications, it would be great to develop/use my skills in the RMR.

    Many Thanks
  2. Exile

    There used to be a raiding squadron within RMR london. I presume this is no longer the case??

  3. "Specialist Training - RMR London is responsible for providing and training certain specialists. These are Landing Craft Coxswains (LC); Assault Engineers (AE); Media & Information Ops; CIMIC; Machine Gunners; Volunteers for the Brigade Patrol Troop and the Special Boat Service (SBS)."

    "Henley is predominantly an Assault Engineer detachment"

    "Portsmouth Detachment's trained ranks also fulfil a role as the RMR Raiding Troop which involves specialist training in Landing Craft."

    Source: RN website

    I can't see there would be too much of a problem in putting your hand up and doing the course if they're ok with you going down to Portsmouth and cracking on.

    During the weekly orders there are loads of interesting courses that you can get on once lid is attained. I Hope this helps buddy, good luck!


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