RMR coming to Belfast??


Lantern Swinger
eSeL said:
Heard a rumour about this, was wondering if anyone can shed some light or dispell it?

Sounds like a good idea, another way of improving the Navy's Profile in NI. Would tend to be cautious about discussing any Future NI deployments/developments.


I don't think it's much of a security issue; however I thought that it may be a goer due to the high level of recruiting done lately, much more than any other service of late in N.I. Creating a reserve would be the logical step.


Yeah, about time an RMR unit came to belfast, stick it in with the RNR Culdrose ship. Theres a whole little area there for circuit training and drill (plus a big enough deck on top if it's really bad weather). Plus the Marines took me out on a rigid from there once round Belfast loch for a spin. Good fun so it was.


Aye there was an RN guy in college giving a Spleel and he said the RMR's comming to Belfast up in Caroline. Sometime in 2007.

"Edited for calling HMS Caroline Culdrose again hehe."