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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Marko, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Rmr Cambridge is now up & running and looking for new members ex regs and new recruits needed. We are located in Cherry Hinton TA Centre (not the one beside sainsburys, the other one up the road) meeting every wednesday at 1930. Anyone neening more info can contact rmr London on 02072374331, or myself on 07894504075.
  2. I don't suppose you know if there are any drafts going for RMR Cambridge, am SAA trained Cpl currently travelling up and down the line between Cambridge and CTCRM?
  3. How come there is no information of this detachment up on the RM website yet?
  4. Doubt it mate, we come under rmr London thats where you would need to be looking. sorry for the delay in replying.
  5. We only started the det a few months ago so the website just hasn't been updated yet. At the moment we need to get some more trained ranks & intrested potential recruits onboard.
  6. Afternoon all,

    Just joined the site, loads of good info on here.

    Im hoping to go along to the Cambridge Det this week or next week to gain a bit more info, has anyone on here been or anyone know how they are doing for numbers now!.

  7. hi marko

    what r the rmr rules on asthma? had a few problems as a child but been ok for a number of yrs now, also had a few knee cartalidge probs as a child but hasn't been a prob in adulthood, just wonderd if prev med history would b an issue? I intensively weight train, circuit train and if training 4 a race would usually run 30 miles a wk, so ok now.
  8. When is RMR Cambridge's next holding troop/Selection weekend?? More out of curiosity than anything

  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have you tried putting a drafting preference in on JPA for the Assistant Careers Advisers posts in one of the East England region AFCO's? Most AFCO's have either a RM Cpl or RN LH(any) billet- definitely worth a shot.
  10. I have a few questions that some of you may be able to answer:

    1. What sort of fitness level is required to join the RMR? I read 1.5miles on a Treadmill in under 10mins, but that seems quite low standards.

    2. How much swimming is involved? I am an average swimmer but not great, I am taking lessons.

    3. Is RMR Cambridge up and running? I have tried to contact a few times and there has been no answer/ response to my E-mails, I went in but the TAC was full of lads playing 'THEM'

    4. What sort of commitment is required? I mean on your own time.

    Sorry, for the all the questions that have probably been asked a million times. I did search, could not find these answers.

    Armchair Hero
  11. :oops: That explains why you were not there then...


    Armchair Hero
  12. I was told i had astma as a kid, also had a knee reconstructed, in my 21st year RMR, come down for a meet Wed 20.00 or call 07894744001
  13. Hi im currently out in Afghan with 42 commando. I have my chit in to leave after doing for years as a gd marine. I will be outside next september. I want to join rmr Cambridge was just wondering what civi jibs the lads has doing rmr as well as do civi employers give u the time off to work in the rmr as well??? Also is there any way i could work at rmr cambridge full time as my main concern is looking into civi jobs but still being able to do rmr. I live close to Cambridge so rmr seems the perfect way ahead for me.

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