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Discussion in 'RMR' started by benj1981, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. I am in training for the RMR selection weekend for the Poole detachment.

    There is a presentation evening this coming Wednesday (5th April) and was wondering if anyone from here was going along or knew roughly what this evening would involve.

    Any advice/information on joining the RMR and tips for selection/training would be gratefully received.

  2. press ups, sit ups, pull ups and burpees are key, if you can crack them then you've got it made.

    holding troop nights will give you a good insight into what you need to do in your spare time
  3. Presentation evening
    I never really got a formal presentation evening. A few of us turned up, and we just really chatted to some of the trained ranks as to what we would be doing, what we needed phys wise for selection, and what happens after, assuming we make it far enough for a green lid.
    during holding troop, you'll likely get a load of basic phys sessions to help you on your way to selection fitness, and every now and again if they're feeling kind, you'll get to sit in on some of the current phase I/IIs lectures as a bit of interest.

    Tips for selection:
    like iceman said, press ups, pull ups, sit ups and burpees. pull ups seem to be quite high scoring though from what i understood, so if you have shite pressups like myself, you can make up for it by being a pull up ninja.

    i'd have to say running is the key though. make sure you can do 3 miles at the very very least. but try to push for 4 miles in the same time limit (i think the 3 miles you're meant to do in 22 1/2 minutes).
    lots of sprints as well. find yourself a hill, and just hammer yourself up it hundreds of times as fast as you can, and maybe do some pressups and burpees at the bottom each time as a "rest" period.

    after distance running, try to max out on all the main excercise as well, pressups pullups situps and burpees.

    basically. do as much phys as you can. the more you do, the easier it gets (but dont mistake that for easy, its still hard.. just not as bad)

    if you cant already, learn to keep your mouth firmly shut, and do whatever they tell you, no matter how dumb it might sound. backchat means thrashings.

    and listen to detail. if they tell you how to do something, do it THAT way.

    be five minutes early for EVERYTHING. if you're not 5 minutes early, you're late! so be five minutes early for the five minutes early if you can.

    i'm sure i've forgotten some bits and pieces, but hopefully somebody else can add to this.
  4. My nearest detachment is cardiff does anyone know if they have a holding troop.
  5. I believe that the Cardiif detachment or the RMR moved from HMS Cambria to Maindy Army Barracks some years ago. Not sure if they have a holding troop though.
  6. I believe that the Cardiif detachment or the RMR moved from HMS Cambria to Maindy Army Barracks some years ago.
  7. i should imagine all RMR dets have a holding troop otherwise it would be difficult to recruit
  8. when and how many times a year are the selection weekends at RMR Poole?
  9. Not all RMR units run a holding troop and some of those that do only run them if there is a good number of potential recruits to allow one to be held. Bristols units don't hold them as they operate a continuous recruit training phase (both 1 and 2 at the same time).
  10. RMR Poole don't hold recruit selection weekends being a detachment, their HQ unit RMR Bristol holds them twice a year. Usually around jan/feb time and july/aug time.
  11. So if I were going to RMR Chatham or Henely, would I have to go for selection at RMR London?

    How many do they need to start a holding troop? Whats the lowest they would accept on a training intake, e.g. if only two people passed selection would they train just those two?
  12. selection takes place at the HQ unit so you'd do it at bermondesy

    training is done at the HQ also - so all those at chatham henley and portsmouth join those at london for the training weekends.
  13. Its pretty much as Iceman said :D There are only 5 RMR units (London, Tyne, Mersy, Scotland and Bristol). Each (with the exception of Tyne) have several detachments who fall under their wing.

    All detachments train under the control of unit HQ. Holding troop is only for lads who are preparing for the unit selection weekend and so are only run up until that intake. A new one starting (dependant on numbers) before the intake.

    Its unlikely that two people will only pass selection although I have known of intakes to be held off as there was not enougth recruits to run one.
  14. I read some where that at RMR Poole theres 2 evening a week PT and drill you attend is that for the holding troop as well or just the people who have done their training.

    Also when I went for my interview in Bournemouth the taxi driver told me RMR Poole is not realy in Poole it self
  15. RMR Poole is on Whale Island, or it might be Portsmouth thats on Whale Island, one of the two!

    There probably is two evenings a week of phys, I know RMR Tyne do two evenings a week of phys, althought you only have to attend one (but you can attend two if you want).
  16. The definitive answer (from an ex Poole Det lad :wink: ). Poole Det hold their main drill night on a Wed and when they have the blokes to take it, a phys night on a Mon.

    The phys night is not a holding troop (RMR Bristol haven't run any). It's for trained lads and recruits in training.

    Also Poole Det is based out of RM Poole over on Hamworthy.
    Hope that helps 8)

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