Rmr and Police

I am 23 and a full time police officer and work shifts

My nearest detachment is about 50 miles away in birmingham.

I am lookung to join to push myself physically and mentally.

What is the rmr's attitude if im not able to make drill nights as im not allowed the time off?

How will it affect my inital training

Does anyone have any serving police officers in their troops and how do they find balancing the two?

any advice would be great


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My old fella had to do a drains up exersise looking at reserve forces, it was found that alot of coppers, firemen etc where reservists and could not be deployed because they where in "reserve occupations".

This lead to the question, "if they're not deployable what the fcuk are we doing employing them?" I dont know if this is still the case but to be honest you should join the reserves because you are willing to be deployed alongside regulars, if you cannot or will not be available for that what's the point of joining?

If the answer is "because I want to get fit or test myself" then sorry, you will be taking up a berth fit for someone else.

Editted to add. welcome to RR.
Have looked into this and read the documents at work that cover reservists. Its states that Police officers are deployable onto operations and have spoken to a number of ta chaps that have been deployed to iraq and afghan.

Becoming fit and pushing myself are just a number of reasons for me looking to join the rmr.


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If your deployable then dig out mate, what concerns me though is there seems to be some double standards going on, your police unit wont rearrange shifts for your training but will allow you to deploy?
yeah its down to the person to try and swap shifts with other bobbies which proves to be more difficult than first thought.

the next step i think is to contact my nearest detachment and go down and find out what the crack is.

Hi up Copper,

Just to let ya know RMR B'ham is full of Coppers and water wasters, Most of who are all Ex regulars. The bantar is hoofin the whole unit have been constantly on Ops in Iraq, and quite a few are currently kicking ass in Afghanistan.

Just get ya ass down the unit on Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.30 hrs, for more Info


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Just keep repeating it you will get it right on the day.

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NZ_Bootneck said:
It was Blobbs in the Green Room with Paul Daniels sandwiches that dunnit, no word of a lie, honest guvnor.
I dont know about Paul Daniels, jack Daniels more like it!!!

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Hey Croft
whereabouts are you ? 50 miles from Birmingham - there is a new det just opened in Nottingham.
it may interest you to know there are four serving Police officers , one civilian employed by Police , two firemen and a Prison Officer!!!!
My previous Det at Manchester there were at least half a dozen serving Police officers and although there will always be some conflict with working shifts etc they all seem to manage thier time well-- all served on ops in the last three years , some away currently.
Attitude in the Police re RMR varies from force to force, some give their reservists up to 10 days paid leave a year to help out with training , others are not so generous.
You may wish to check your Force Orders. One point to note is that the Police Service can not stop you joining the RMR ( reserve forces ) as this not only contravines the Reserve Forces Act but also your "Human Rights"
So the Human Rights Act is good for at least one thing then !!!
As Blade has said , why not go down , what have you got to loose by looking ??
Best of Luck.
Was wondering what this RMR and Police was about.

I remember reading about the TA long time ago stood standing outside a University with SLR in the contact position. Poor students thought the end was nigh and the army had seized power so they told the operator.

The police arrived and took away the SLR's and the TA lads.

We where handed the paper clipping with the threat of a slow and lingering death by Jacko if we ever thought of handing over a weapon to a police officer who could have hired the costume for the occasion could he/she not?? And besides Royal does not hand over weapons to police officers.
I live south of birmingham and unfortunatley it would mean travelling accross country.

im glad to hear that there are serving coppers in the rmr and that they can balance the two commitments.

ive got to sort out living accomadation but i am keen to attend a presentation evening at the brum detachment and find out some more info.
there are loads of coppers in the RMR, all good egg's and i know that the forces attitudes on both sides are positive.

To the guy who said that you would be taking someone else's spot - get a grip ******** - if you have the commitment, the desire and the right attitude combined with the required level of fitness you are more than welcome.
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