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I am only 15 but want to join the Royal Marines after my a-levels and possibly university. At the moment i am in the air cadets and was wondering whether it is possible to do both the cadets and be a reservist or be a reservist whilst doing a degree. If anyone could answer my questions that would be great thanks.
Alright Mitch

The simple answer is Yes. There are plenty of students in the RMR who manage their academic studies whilst training as a RM Reservist. To my knowledge however, you would not be able to stay in the Air Cadets if you were in the RMR (and you probably wouldnt want to either!!).

As a student you should have more time on your hands to train than a lot of people (ie: people who have demanding careers, wives and kids).

Start preparing now by working on your running and circuit training and when you come of age, phone your local Armed Forces Careers Office and they will advise you from there.

Good luck mate.

Cheers Spenny.

It's a bummer i can't do both because there's a chance i could be the head of my section in the air cadets! O well i might have to give that up.

Cheers again.


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alrite mate. i am a student currently undergoing RMR recruit training and i have had no problems managing the two. however it certainly is advisable to join the RMR in your first year at uni rather than second or third as it would be harder, though certainly not impossible, to succeed at both.

as for ATC, spenny is correct. no disrespect to the cadet forces (i myself was in the ccf for 5 years) but you would probably find the ATC very tame indeed after training with the RMR.

good luck.

H are you going in as an officer or other rank (i'm not sure whether that is the correct terminology!)?.

I was also wondering if it is ok to transfer to being a regular marine after my degree is finished?

Cheers guys

You join the RMR as a recruit and once you have earned your green lid, you can volunteer or be nominated for Officer Selection.

What you want to do mate is get in, get some experience then volunteer for a tour with the Corps. You cant just pass the Commando Course with the RMR then transfer straight into Regs, but you can serve with the them on attachment. I have a mate who done this around 8 or so years ago and is still serving.

im not certain but i would have thaught at the very least you could apply to join as an officer just like anyone else could. but at least having been a reservist will be in your favour. i cant see you being in a worse position than someone who hadnt been a reservist.


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you seem to have very similar aims to me mitch.

as spenny said, without previously being an officer in another service you cannot join the RMR as an officer right away, instead you must pass out as a marine then apply for officer training.

if you pass out as a marine in the RMR there are many oppurtunities to work with the regular corps on exercises and ops. however you cannot 'transfer' as you put it, i.e. one day you are a marine in RMR wherever, then you fill in a form and bang you are in 45 commando (for example). if you wished to become a regular royal marine then you would need to go through the regular recruit training unfortunatly, although you would stil be entitled to wear your green lid and flashes during training.

my long term plan is to pass out in the RMR wilst at uni, gain some highly valued experience, do a tour with the regulars and then go for a commission in the regular corps. already having several years in the RMR uner your belt is certain to help you with the AIB and POC.

hope that answers your questions.

Yeah thats great thanks.

My dilemma was that i wanted to join the royal marines as an officer anyway but if the RM couldn't pay for me to go to uni then i would join the RMR whilst doing my course then leave and do Officer training in the regulars. I'm contemplating whether to just go and do officer training straight after a-levels anyway. Is that a bad idea?
its not ncessarily a bad idea, but gaining a commission in the RM is a very difficult thing. there are far more applicants than there are places. having gone to university, you will have gained more things you can put on your CV and just as important you will have matured more. basically you will have a better chance of gaining a commission if you go to uni. plus uni is one big laugh so dont miss out on it before you go off into the "real world"!
Thanks again!
It sucks having to do all this waiting! I just want to join and get in there.
Ha, maybe there's the proof that i do need to mature!
I'm just considering joining the police before going in the Royal Marines.
One: is this a bad idea?
Two: would i be able to join the RMR whilst in the police?

again, its not necessarily a bad idea, it depends on your aims and personal situation. for my personal situation university was a better choice than full time employment, bearing in mind my aim of a regular RM commission.

yes there are several RMR ranks i know of who are police officers, aswell as some in the fire service and other such lines of work.
Halford said:
again, its not necessarily a bad idea, it depends on your aims and personal situation. for my personal situation university was a better choice than full time employment, bearing in mind my aim of a regular RM commission.

yes there are several RMR ranks i know of who are police officers, aswell as some in the fire service and other such lines of work.
Hello chaps, whilst I agree with your second sentence I would mention that I have met three potential RMR recruits who were either serving members or joining the emergency services. Two were fire service and one policeman. Both of the fire service chaps had to obtain permission from their Fire Chief and both were refused. The police dude had to go on a waiting list before his Chief Super or whoever it is allowed him to give it a try. He came down for two or three Phys nights and wasn't seen again!

I think they may be a quota on how many reserve/auxiliary positions are available, thus a waiting list. I might be wrong and talking BS but defo worth bearing in mind.

However if you are already in I guess there would be no problem.

All the best
Thanks for the reply i was just seeing what people thought.
University is probably my better choice but i don't know what course i want to do and i don't particularly want to pay for more school!
Thanks again

depends on the force but most forces have a quota on the number of reserves that the police can have in their ranks, and of course its an intensive job anyway i cant see how police officers with families do it to be honest.


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I may be wrong but I thought with the very real likely hood of reservists having to serve abroad nowadays as compaired with a decade or so ago people with "reserve" occupations such as police and firemen are frowned upon joining the TA/RMR, whats the point of joining if your never available to serve alongside the regulars on ops?
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