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Sorry for bringing back an old thread gents. I was wondering if it is possible as an rmr other rank to get a corps commission to transfer in to the regs and do YO training. For example if someone passed out with the rmr whilst at college but failed their a-levels. Would it be possible to still go on the batch without having to re-sit their a-levels providing poc and aib were passed?

Many thanks in advance.

Good choice of threads, Are you edcationally qualified officer?


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Thanks for the quick response, TT. I'm currently doing my a levels.

As far as I know you still require passed A levels, if your currently doing them, pass them. Problem solved! :salut:

That is of course if you can get a Corps commission via RMR? You best hold on for the resident CA to give you the Bobby from the horses mouth, as I can't help you with anymore answers. Good effort on passing out with the RMR though! BZ
I know a Bootneck who went from being a Mne (RMR) to Regular Officer, via the full Officer Training at CTCRM (and is about to become a Major). In many ways it was actually just a regular application to be a RM Officer, with the added bonus the Naval Service already knew a bit about him. I would suspect that you would be looked at in the same way, hence the A Levels would be required.

But be warned, at his first AIB he failed, and his Board President said: "Mr X, we want a Royal Marine Officer, not an intelligent Royal Marine"......


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In the regular service there are an average of two Corps Commissions a year for those aged under 26. This last year there were none. Those aspiring to become an RMR Officer need the UCAS points and are usually selected after completing phase one RMR training. RMR Other Ranks who transfer to the regular service may later be recommended for Corps Commission without the UCAS points, but not before first joining the regular service and in competition with all other trained ranks.


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Rocky, welcome to RR.

Health warning - I left the RMR a few years ago and there may well have been some changes since.

You would serve within the RMR Unit in whatever appointment you receive from the CO of that unit. There are some SQs / roles within the RMR that are allocated across more than one RMR Unit so you may end up as troop commander of a troop comprised of lads from a number of RMR Units who will come together on weekends or for continuous training.

There are also appointments within individual units for recruit troop commanders, detachments OCs or in some cases SQ / role command appointments where the role is allocated to a single RMR unit or Det.

A point to note is that RMR officers receive considerably less training than their regular counterparts. The work around for this was always to work hard and ensure you get the most of the officer training you do undertake and then take every opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the appointment you are given. Flexibility and commitment are key to this as invariably the PSI and RMR SNCOs you will work with will have the contacts and overview to point you in the right direction towards opportunities to develop your experience. It goes without saying that an operational tour in the right appointment for your experience and skills is what you should aspire to.

With regards to commanding regular troops in fighting companies this has been done intermittently by RMR officers and may still be the case, but there have always been fewer 1st appointments as troop commanders in Cdo units than there are regular officers passing out of Lympstone so it is very unlikely there would be a requirement to mobilise an RMR officer for these roles. Most RMR officers deploy as watchkeepers, liaison officers or in specialist roles such as CIMIC or Media Ops.

Like I said things may have changed, Moose might be along in a bit to set us both right...

Good luck

Given that the TA is a lot bigger, how would you say that RMR officer training compares to say, 4 PARA officer training?

I don't mean to bring out any horse carcasses, just curious as I've been watching some documentaries on YouTube about making baby marines and paratroopers.


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I imagine the only person qualified to answer that accurately is a person that has undergone both.

RMR Officers, promoted from within the RMR are rarely employed in the troop commander role. Having said that the first random RMR Officer I just asked, had! :)