Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Jehovah, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Greetings my fellow armed forces cohorts!

    I'm developing a collection of articles on the how we all fit together (being a member myself, TA, so no I'm not RMR or RMC), anyone out there care to answer a few of my questions on the Royal Marines, as in put it in plain english :oops:

    Its taken some serious homework, i.e the RMC have been around longer than the "commandos" of WW2, they were one of the pieces, along with the army commandos, SAS and SBS :)

    The project already has a code name "Jigsaw", bulk of the content is on the Army but I felt that the bootnecks should get a mention along with the RAF gunnies :D

    I'm writing a small "questionnaire", if any of you would care to fill it in and email it back would be most appreciated, along with any pictures of exercises (persec will be respected i.e eyes blacked out).

    The content of these questionnaires will be dissected to give the most plain english answers to readers and who knows, perhaps it may even encourage most applicants.

    Cheers fellas, just drop me PM or on this thread...

    Off topic who the hellis this nails guy anyway!? :roll:
  2. Hello Nailz you boring ****!!! :roll:
  3. Actually you'll be surprised to also know I'm an ARRSE user and not this Nailz fella you seem to think I am ;)
  4. And your point is?? 90% of this site are also ARRSE users!!
  5. And there was me thinking my walting skills were top-notch mate........walks off muttering about being called a rubber dagger and throwing teddy in corner :lol: 8)
  6. Yes, I am a STAB, but at the same time a member of the Rifles regiment :)
  7. ND more like it!!! :D

    Yes jehovah or whatever your name is your a throbber of the highest order
  8. I could also be your father for all you know?
  9. Unlikely you cnut he died in 2004

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