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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by pvonh108, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. Hi, does anyone know when the RMC will be issued with MTP? There is not much info in regards to it. So detachments have been issued it, but none so far in X-ray company (3 troop). Is it true that the SCC will be issued a new version of no.4's similar to combats?
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  2. Give it a chance, they haven't even been issued to the fleet yet!
  3. Thanks for the info
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  4. Looking at the pic, it seems the old pusser's moneybelt (or something similar) is making a return.
  5. Well, we haven't been given any heads up, about getting the new 39's Combat uniform. According to Captains Questions in the last FLEET issue, it was branded ' Not suitable for Sea Cadet Use'. A little upsetting, better than the old woolly pullies, and itchy blues.
  6. It's an army stable belt, except for some stupid reason they've removed the leather side straps and replaced them with metal clips (you know, metal, that gets hot when firefighting!), we've had them for years, though we've only worn them with CS95 DPM / PCS MTP before now.

    As for cadets in the rig, well, the RN still needs knitting out, plus the RFA, certain members of the Royal Logistic Corps, 17 port and Maritime Regiment (there were members in Cyprus wearing 4's on their LCPs), before the SCC/ CCF/ any other cadet organisation that wears 4's gets them. My local Army cadets have been wearing MTP for years, as have the RM cadets I teach, the ATC are still in DOM due to supply chain issues.

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