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Hi, currently serving RM and looking to transfer. Reasons are, I have 12 years left to serve and I want something a bit more chilled and settle down in my 'older' age. My background is in engineering and computers. I'm looking at, Writer, supply chain, RNP & CiS.

I'm after a mix of sea time and shore time, I enjoy going away but I do have a family and want to be able to reduce the sea time as I progress with the aim to be doing less than 6 months away a year after the first 4-5 years.

Writer sounds the most appealing as I'm a weirdo and enjoy doing admin/accounts, I also understand there's a high chance of shore time with the opportunity to go away early on if I wanted.

CiS would make most sense with my current qualifications however I hear it's a lot of sea time with no shore options?

Supply chain logs, I've done a year as a storeman and enjoyed the admin side of things but not sure it would keep me interested for another 12 years.

RNP interests me however I know nothing about it and can't find any up to date gens on it.

Any info would be much appreciated as well as the best course of action to start the transfer process? What would day to day life look like? Promotion speed? Etc


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Just a view from the cheap seat whilst someone who can assist you pops up!!

Cut to the chase and just become a civvy. Laid back, the ability to use the 'NO' word.

Transfer and you may find you'll be bored farhtless!!

I must admit, I loved saying NO! Your working this week Chief. Couldn't argue.

You'll be working this weekend Mr Waspie civilian person. Errr, don't you mean can you work this weekend! Sorry - Can you work this weekend. Errrr, NO!!

Hehehehehe, Effin civvies!!!!


Thanks for the reply, I've done the civy life before and although didn't mind the extra work and it has its upsides, I prefer military life. At least for the next 5 or so years after that I may reconsider leaving
As a RN SC, I try to spend as much time working in 3cdox as I can with your SAs. As one of our newly qualified you’d do 1 year ashore after completing trade training before you’d get your first ship. Drafts would be anything from a batch 2 river up to carrier. You’d do a minimum of 2 years on ship, going to sea when ever it would (no “rear party” for RN service unless you’re broken). After that you can expect a ratio of roughly 2:2 year sea to shore time but if you stick with green units then you’re “deployable” but you get to pretty much pick and choose when you go away with unit as Im no doubt sure you’re already aware off.


That's great info thank you. I've asked a few RN's that I work with and they feel SC would suit me better than RNP and CiS so I think I need a chat with afco. Writer or SC and by the sounds of it they are reasonably similar in terms of pros and cons (obviously different job roles). I have heard the the writer spec is dieing out though?
Honestly I’ve no idea, but I’d doubt that and it’s also a nightmare scenario, I’ve been on RFA ships with no access to writers and trying to sort out pay and admin at sea over the phone to the writers shore side in culdrose whom managed me, was an absolute pain in the bloody arse!

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