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Hi all,

Just looking to clarify something I've read in the RM guide to careers.

Under "Commando Specialisations" there is a box that says "You may have the chance to become a specialist at the end of your initial training. Although you will not serve as a General Duties Marine, you will progress more quickly through the ranks than a General Duties Marine."

I was (until reading this) under belief that all recruits spent 12 months (or so) as GD before being able to specialise, obviously this says otherwise.

I'm very keen to join the RM as an ML, I already have my UK Mountain Leader Training (hopefully fully assessed before joining), went to university to study Outdoor Education, and have a fair bit of experience with expeditions/climbing/leading people in the outdoors. Does anyone one know whether I could go straight to ML specialist after Commando Training with this kind of background? Also if you specialise does that mean you gain rank? (ps don't have enough UCAS points to join as officer even though I have a degree)


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Most people tend to go down the GD route before they specialise, as it gives an better insight to all the trades and you get to hear it from the horese mouth. If you want to take the path of a ML, im pretty sure from the rank of a marine you will need a B on your report then you will get loaded on the next available aquaince, if you pass that you will go on your Jnrs then from there do the ML selection.
Anyway im sure the Ninja and co will be along to give you a more precise answer.

Good luck if you do decide to become a ML.


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When you leave training you will (hopefully) carry on as a GD Marine, their is a chance that you could "specialise" which means in simple language that you will get pinged to go direct to a branch (Sigs,Driver,Clerk,SA or any other SQ that requires manning). This could speed up your promotion but not by much. It can also be difficult to get out of that branch later on in your career.

You cannot attend the ML course until you are a substansive Cpl or been selected for JCC(IIRC), as to your Civ ML qualification sorry but it wont help you at all.

I'd suggest that you finish training first, avoid getting pinged and then you'll get a chance to see the difference in Civ and RM ML. Good luck.


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He's got a Degree and is nearly a Qualified Civilian Mountain Leader, I'm sure he'd pish ML Training even before he's got his Green Lid. :roll:

Eddietheboyp, not Edward Windsor by any chance? :lol:
Learn to walk before you run mate. Get through the Recruitment process, PRMC, Training and a tour with a Unit then you can worry about Specialisation.
Sure it's nice to have some idea of where you'd like to go with your career, but be aware there maybe many GD gravs with Degrees and/or Outdoor Education qualifications who've done a bit of soldiering who may feel slightly miffed if you pass out and go straight onto a much coveted course.


Brilliant, this is all good advice thanks. It's nice to know where I stand. Sounds like GD is the way forward then, with aspiration for ML. BTW no I'm not Ed Windsor.
I'm diggin' your enthusiasm fella but as slightly alluded to earlier there is quite a difference between civpop ML and RM ML.

The PT branch do more of these 'AT' type ML courses than we do so you may find that a better option.

Good luck with whatever you choose.