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RM Trained Rank - Rejoins


War Hero
The RM Branch Manager will now consider all individuals who have left the service for re-entry as well as RMR ranks wishing to transfer to the RM(GS).

However individuals with Technical trades will only be considered for re-entry within their source specialisations.

Ranks from GD Specs (GD, HW, PW, PT etc.) will re-enter on the condition of filling the requirement at shortage category specialisations which would normally be Directly Selected Specialisations (DSS) such as Sigs, Clerk, SA and Drivers. They will enter on the understanding that failure to complete the SQ3 training directed on re-entry will result in the offer been withdrawn and any future training and further employment would be re-considered.

Exceptionally the RM Branch Manager will consider Cpls and above depending on length of time outside and their SQ.

All applicants are advised that re-entry/transfer into RM(GS) is at the discretion of RM Branch management based on Service requirement.

Be aware this change in policy was announced within a quarterly recruiting document, (24th paragraph in fact) so it may well be that upon bimbling into your local AFCO the guy/girl at the desk or answering the telephone may not be aware of the recent changes afoot.

I'd advise those former trained ranks who are interested and want to "test the ground" for potential re-entry, to submit an online application then produce their discharge documents and then wait out to see what the written terms and conditions for re-entry are.

At that point you can either grab the offer and proceed or simply laugh and walk away - there's no obligation to join once you submit an application.

For selection, although I've not seen it published anywehere yet, my guess is those accepting the terms and condition for re-entry will undergo a selection interview, medical examination and need to renew Security Clearance. I doubt there would be any phys assessments before re-entry, but would be surprised if you weren't doing a BFT immediately after putting your grip down at CTC on a Tuesday or Wednesday. After which you'll be collecting your kit, jabs, signing contract, respirator fitting/testing, weapons handling refresher and test, harry weekenders friday, join unit monday.

.....and no, there is no rejoining bounty.

Hasta la vista.
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