RM to train England rugby team

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by codbutt, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. :threaten: England train with Royal Marines

    Brian Ashton has sprung a surprise on his England squad by sending them to work out with the Royal Marines rather than flying out for a training camp.
    They will now fly to Portugal for an eight-day training camp on Thursday after four days with the Marines.

    Former coach Sir Clive Woodward, who led England to victory in 2003, worked with the Marines a number of times.

    Woodward credits the Marines with helping him identify players with the ability to succeed under pressure.

    * Poor buggers - guess we can look forward to some naked roll-mat fighting skills in the world cup then, or perhaps a post match dance of the flaming ars*holes?

    Ashton, who has only had seven matches in charge, has little time to mould his World Cup group, with the final 30-man squad having to be named on 14 August.

    England only have two warm-up matches before Ashton must declare his hand and so the next few weeks are vital in setting the right tone.

    World Cup-winning coach Woodward has recounted how, after a session in 1999, a Marine officer told him: "There are men in your squad we wouldn't go into battle with.

    "It's not about their skills, it is about their attitude and their effect on the team.

    "One wrong team player can sap all the energy from the group."

    As England built from the disappointment of the 1999 World Cup, Woodward recognised he required a squad full of "energisers" and by 2003 there was "not an energy-sapper in sight".
  2. Tip for anyone playing against England this year,

    Place large mirrors evenly around the perimeter of the pitch. If these guys have been trained by the marines they will spend most of the match posing at thier reflexion and you can run right by.

    I support Wales, and anyone who plays against England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yawn
  4. Bet like so many others you have lived in England and taken the English pound though havent you??

    I lived in Wales where i'm assuming your from and never received that kind of response from the locals.
  5. Oh here we go again.
  6. Up yours Jock :D
  7. Says it all really :thanks:
  8. There are previous threads on this - SBS are said to have done the training not RM.

    Can only assume the long range weather forecast is wet, wet, wet.


    Kiwis and Aussies, kiss my arse! :bootyshake:
  9. It would certainly be very goo I think for the trophy to stay in the Northern Hemisphere, but it would be even nicer to see the Southerners beaten a bit more often in test matches too. Now I am confortable with the reality my sides chances of doing either are tending very much towards Zero but come on the rest of you.
  10. I would much rather watch a bloody good game where the best team won than say "oh, wouldn't it be much better if this and that" and blah blah BORING!
    If the best team is from the Southern Hemisphere then that is our loss, because we just aren't good enough.
    Scotland are, in fact, a very good team (or have been lately) at least when playing against other NH teams and in my view stand as much of a chance as any of us.
    Of course I, as an Englishman, will be cheering my team on, but to see them win to the detriment of good rugby? No thanks.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I reckon the Kiwis are the best team in the world at the moment, they do however have a bit of a reputation for "choking" in the latter stages of the world cup so who knows.

    My money would be on France doing the best out of the NH sides but, I wouldn't rule out the Irish.

    England, Scotland and Wales will just be making the numbers up in the quarter finals I fear.
  12. I think you misunderstand me, of course the best team should win wherever that team comes from, but at the same time for the development of the game and to ensure we do still keep seeing the best rugby available the sport cannot be dominated by a small number of teams. My fear is that if the All Blacks or the Wallabies win this year we will fall back into a mentality that the southern Hemisphere is unbeatable so why bother, and the game here will deteriorate, just look at how the Welsh have had to struggle to build their team up to the sort of levels that they achieved in their golden days. When you start off a competition really not knowing who will win then the sport is at it's best.

    Of course I willsupport Scotland and hope, always hope, but I fear I will have to choose another for the finals, last time it was England, this time who knows, we will have to see how things go.
  13. Didn't misunderstand you Maxi, just thought it was bollocks mate ;)
  14. With the All Blacks having just been beaten by Australia in the Bledisloe Cup, it could be interesting to see if the All Blacks have peaked too early.

    I'm supporting England but am under no illusion we are going to retain it although I really want a NH side to get it - christ, the French might do it. Oh shit!
  15. South Africa have a good team, they are tiny and like rats on a field, can't catch the bastewards!
  16. Yep, tiny willies. That's why they won't win. They are the laughing stock in the bathtub!

  17. But...............BUT...............will they be naked roll mat fighting on the field during the match???
  18. I'm going for the long shot...USA all the way.. Go the mighty Eagles..ARGHH, sorry after much reconsideration (and a beasting from the wife, not a sexual one either!!) I've got to go with the ABs....BLACK BLACK BLACK. :afro: :afro: :rambo: :afro: :afro:
    PS As a point of interest Ex AB and NZRN PO (PTI or Diver) Wayne 'Buck' Shelford is at the mo undergoing treatment for cancer...now he was a old school rugby player got his scrotum ripped open Vs the French (Spit :pukel: ) went off... stitches... back on, fecking nails or what. Good luck to him.
  19. Still one of my imagined situations ( twisted ) when the ABs perform the Haka the opposing team moons 'em . Ah well , may the best team win .
  20. How to dismantle the Haka:

    England, after watching these Maori boys with big tongues (girls drooling everywhere of course), perform the Haka, we come straight back at them with that all time classic English war ceremony - The Maypole Dance. Should put the hebejebees up'em!

    Rubber chickens to the fore, and before you know it, England are 35 - 0 up in the first 20 minutes.

    Sounds like a good strategy to me!



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