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Hi just looking for a little advice really, I have been in recruit training with the royal marines for 14 weeks now but have unfortunately picked up an injury to my shins after an 8 mile load carry and am currently in hunter company. The pti's and physio has informed me that they will never be fully healed and that recruit training will be a struggle for me if I where to continue, I want a life, not just a career in the military eithout being permanently biffed with this injury. I was wondering if it would be possible to branch over to the RN or would I have to leave RM then re apply due to the fact I have not passed Baptist run? Any advice would be much appreciatedmany thanks dirkspackler.


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Sorry to hear of your situation.

As you are aware, the Corps is risk averse with regard lower-limb injuries. It is unlikely you would be permitted to transfer to the RN if still in Hunter Company as you are medically downgraded.

If you submit notice to quit & apply to join the RN, you can be fairly sure of a wait of maybe 12-24 months completely injury-free, before you may apply and I'd expect they'll want a comprehensive training diary as evidence you've fully recovered.

If it's a pre-existing, recurrent or long-term injury (chronic) then it could be an outright bar to re-entry into the RN & RM.

I'd be inclined to let the service try to rehabilitate you or medically discharge you rather than jump before you're pushed. If you subsequently find you cannot rejoin and the injury is directly service attributed, then it is possible you may need to look into the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Best of luck.


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What Ninje said - I've heard of people being in Hunter for over a year. Get well and then reattack. You're getting paid: every meal's a feast and every paycheck a bounty!!!!
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