RM to RN training

Hi just looking for a little advice really, I have been in recruit training with the royal marines for 14 weeks now but have unfortunately picked up an injury to my shins after an 8 mile load carry and am currently in hunter company. The pti's and physio has informed me that they will never be fully healed and that recruit training will be a struggle for me if I where to continue, I want a life, not just a career in the military eithout being permanently biffed with this injury. I was wondering if it would be possible to branch over to the RN or would I have to leave RM then re apply due to the fact I have not passed Baptist run? Any advice would be much appreciatedmany thanks dirkspackler.
Did you ever get anywhere with this mate? I am at week 23 just failed the yomp on violent entry have been speaking to Ctw about transfer. They say medical may be an issue as I spent time in Hunter too