RM tattoo - will it cause me any problems

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Spartan, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Last year I got the Royal Marines badge tattooed onto my arm. However I start training very soon and the sergeant at the recruiting office says they might not like the fact that I've had the tattoo done. Is this true? I don't want to get it removed as it looks cool on my arm. I also can't afford to get it removed because I'm not working at the moment. But will they make my life hell in training for having the tattoo done before passing training?
  2. Being a fully qualified stone mason I will gladly pop round with whizzer and remove are you local? Or are you away to Butlins with mam and dad this week?
  3. I most probably speak for most on hear.
    :rambo: :rambo: :rambo:
  4. Ah ****, not you again.

    Look kid, if it's like the rest of you, then it's a fake, so go wash it off with mummies super soap, the stuff she cleans her fanny with after the boys have been round.

    If any of the guys think I'm being a bit too harsh on this fuckwit, then you should have a look at Adams other posts.
  5. FFS i actually wore a green lid and i didnt get any tattoes done. What the **** were you thinking mate??
  6. Mate, why not do what most f us did. Shut up, join up, EARN the right to wear the globe and buster and green lid and find out for yourself. Then come back and tell us all about it when you've passed-out. Until then, search for and read about "Right flanking" and do one!
  7. If this is true Spartan, then obviously you should have thought about that before having the tat done!! We all make mistakes but some guy is going to rip yer fecking arm off!! Think also that you should change your attitude to it "looking cool on my arm"!!!! Grow up quick kid..you'll need to..
  8. I'm not scared about anyone being violent tbowards me. I'm used to violence and I've had about 400 street fights in total. Good luck to anyone who thinks they can give me a kicking. Anyone comes near me with violent intentions and I'll destroy them. As well as being in a gang for 14 years I've also trained in Shotokan Karate for 6 years and I'm a first degree black belt.

    The only thing that's worrying me is that I wont get put forward for promotion etc etc. I'm looking to go for SBS training as soon as I pass out of Marine training.


  10. What amazes me is that anyone can be bothered to keep on replying to this twat. You'll only encourage him.
    Clearly he hasn't got anything better to do now that school's finished for the summer break.
  11. I've had about 400 street fights in total. Thought doormen at Mothercare where banned these days??

    As well as being in a gang for 14 years I've also trained in Shotokan Karate for 6 years and I'm a first degree black belt. Time for your din dins glasshopper mummy is shouting.
  12. SBS = Special Botty Squad, Adam wants the nice man to give him it hard again. Nothing like the smell of a good reaming just to get him going in the morning, all the better when he's wearing his school shorts and blazer.
  13. Now I know you're taking the piss Spartan!!
    SAS Motto.....Who Dares Wins (is it not?)
    SBS Motto.....Who Wears Fins!!!

    Grow up kid.......... :pukel:
  14. At what point did you think he wasn't?
  15. He's "amusing" TA......had nothing better to do..
  16. I'm not taking the piss you bombaclots. I'm serious. YOU are the ones taking the piss. Grow up and get REAL!

    Brap Brap Brap
  17. I'm still amused....what's the "Brap Brap Brap"??? The noise yer lips make when running yer finger over them??
  18. It's the noise his arse makes when the bigger boy pulls out.
  19. It wasn't a dig mate.
  20. lol @ all tha haters here hating on me. Wots up trooped agen? wot tha fuk is wrong wid u? How u gon play me boy? U follow me round like a lil bitch at my heels givin me tha shiz on here.

    Fuk u h8ers.

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