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Please can someone tell me if this is in the wrong area of the forums.

I am doing some research on the Royal Marines for a friend and I would like to know what the structure is.

For example what is each rank and what do they do? Do you have C/Sgt's and what do they do in a RM unit on Operations?



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C/Sgts are also responsible for the colour co ordination of Booties evening wear for formal events, mainly to ensure that the high heels and handbags don't clash
Try clicking on here:
RM Home Page
And here:
3 Cdo Bgde RM Structure
As for the Company C/Sgt, he'll make sure you have plenty of bullets, beans and band aids to play with. C/Sgts are like your favourite uncle. Unlike your mum and your dad (Sgt and CSM) he will never shout at you or twat you for ******* up. However, he can get very upset if you accidentally lose your personal weapon, or bury one following a defence ex. (A favourite trick of guys like Wet-Blobby who had to carry the 84mm)
The Company TQ (another name for a Company C/Sgt) loves it when you pop your head into his store and say, 'Just returning my weapon, Colours. Shall I make you a wet?' . :thumright:
Cheers so far for the info.

Deos anyone have a structure tree or slideshow etc detailing it all?

For example like this Army one:

2nd Lt - Plt Commander
Sgt - Plt Sgt

HarryBosch said:
FFS! Google Commando 21 or Structure of RM Commando, or something.
Do you think that I havn't tried that already?

I need an in-depth analysis of the RM Commando unit structure with Ranks, responsibilites and sub-unit names (eg Platoon or Troop?)


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xnander: Why do you need to know so eagerly? Perhaps you could actually get away from your pooter and go and visit your local AFCO/RMR unit to find out? :roll:
The Globe and Laurel printed a good article on the Commando 21 structure, but I dont know how much detail it will provide thats relevant to your specific requirements.

Just out of curiosity, why does "your friend" need this info and why are you doing all the running about for it?
I have tried speaking to a recruiter but they didn't tell me. They were just interested in selling the RM life, not giving me info.

Also it is for a research prodject for a friend who is in the gaming industry. He is trying to produce a Marine thing (clan?) for some game and he wants it to be realistic. Knowing I am a military history fan he asked me to research it for him.
a) I just found this lot in about ten minutes.


b) A comparative table of rank structure of UK forces

c) Commando organisation

The three Commandos are each organised into six companies, further organised into platoon-sized Troops, as follows:

Command Company

Main HQ

Tactical HQ

Reconnaissance Troop (includes a sniper section)

Mortar Troop (81 mm) (Includes 4 MFC pairs)

AT Troop (Milan - to be replaced Javelin ATGW)

Medium Machine Gun Troop

Logistic Company

A Echelon 1 (A Ech1)

A Echelon 2 (A Ech2)



B Echelon (B Ech)

Two Close Combat Companies

Company Headquarters (Coy HQ)

3 Close Combat Troops (Troop HQ, 3 Rifle Sections, Manoeuvre Support Section)

Two Stand Off Companies

Company Headquarters (Coy HQ)

Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) Troop (0.5" heavy machine guns)

Anti-Tank Troop (Milan - to be replaced with Javelin)

Close Combat Troop

In general a rifle company Marine will be a member of a four-man fire team, the building block of commando operations. A Royal Marine works with his team in the field and lives with them in his accommodation (if he lives in barracks).

This structure is a recent development, formerly Commandos were structured similarly to light Infantry Battalions

d) Diagrams
Guys thanks for what you have provided so far.

I want to know about each rank's responsibilities aswell. I cannot find anything about it at all. For example what do WO2's do on combat operations? Do they lead patrols? Do they act as clarks for the Company (or RM equ) OC?


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A general

Leaps tall buildings in a single bound.
is more powerful than a locomotive
Is faster than a speeding bullet
Walks on water, gives policy to God.

A Colonel

Leaps short buildings in a single bound.
Is more powerful than a bull-dozer
Is just as fast as a speeding bullet
Wals on water if the sea is calm.

A Lt Colonel

Leaps short buildings with a running start and favourable wind.
Is almost as powerful as a Bull-dozer.
Is faster than a speeding .22 slug.
Walks on water in indoor swiming pool.
Talks with God if special Request is approved.

A Major

Barely clears nissen huts
Loses tug-of-war with a locomotive
Can fire a speeding bullet
Swims well.
Is occasionally addressed by God.

A Captain

Makes high scratch mark when trying to leap buildings
Is run over by locomotives.
can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self injury.
Dog paddles.
Talks to animals.

A Lieutenant

Runs into buildings
Recognises locomotives two out of three times
is not issued with with ammunition.
Can stay afloat with proper instruction
Talks to walls.

A Second Lieutenant

Falls over doorsteps when trying to enter buildings
Says look at the choo-choo
Is not issued with a gun
Plays in mud puddles
Mumbles to himself.

A Non Commisioned Officer

Sweeps under buildings
puts locomotives back on track
Picks up spent cartridges after speeding bullets have been fired
Is very close to God.

A Marine

Lifts buildings and walks under them
kicks locomotives off the track
Catches speeding bullets between his teeth and eats them
freezes water with a single glance.
He is God

OK, the RSM is God but you get my drift.

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