RM smuggles woman into Faslane

Back on thread (sorry...boring) but in the good old days they use to bus Dunbarton Debs in for the bops (do they still do that??). You had a choice of get on the bus back into town with them, and all your oppo's knew which crocodillipig you' "trapped" (yeah..right :roll: )or find somewhere quietish to bone them then chuck 'em on the bus, promising to meet them next week.

If she's one of the usual ones all the guys on the gate knew them anyway


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How come this stuff makes the news? There were always local women camping out in the blocks in Germany and the UK who were quite happy to milk young squaddies. It would be quite common watching blokes walking from the cookhouse with plates of scoff for them.
I can remember an RS getting caught doing something similar with a young Wren ROin the boot of his car back in 1991 time, only he was smuggling the under 18 OUT of Mercury. :)

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