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RM Signals


Hi folks, just a question regarding RM Signals. I am ex RAF (as per username) and was employed as what was then called a Telecommunications Operator (TCO). I am currently thinking about joining the RM and would like to find out about the Signals side of things. How many Signallers/units are there (approximately), and where about do they do training and for how long? I would also be grateful if anyone could give me the heads up on the possibility of going straight into the Signals side of things on completion of Training? I realise that a lot of these questions could, and possibly would be answered by the friendly booty at the AFCO, but I am wary of the 'Party Line Rhetoric' that seems to be policy for recruiting NCO's these days, ie, tell you what you want just to get you in the door. This might not be the case, but I think its better to get the 'gen' from the Horses mouth so to speak. Any advice will be gratefully recieved.
the sigs branch is always looking for bods so chances are if thats what you want then you will get it no problems. im sure all your other qestions can be answerd by the AFCO
Cheers for that Gaz, got an info pack on the way and am going down the AFCO soon as I get a chance, I suppose I best get my lardy arse out running and get down the Gym in the meantime, its been a while!

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